Name Title Email Advising Area Accepting New Grads
Osama Ahmed Assistant Professor and Weill Neurohub Term Assistant Professor omahmed@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Adrian Andelin Lecturer aka32@uw.edu No
Geoffrey Boynton Professor gboynton@uw.edu Cognition and Perception, Quantitative Psychology No
Jessica Brand Lecturer Part-Time Temporary jlbrand@uw.edu No
Jonathon Brown Associate Professor jdb@uw.edu Social and Personality No
Sapna Cheryan Professor scheryan@uw.edu Social and Personality Yes
Ellen Covey Professor ecovey@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Ann Culligan Teaching Professor anncv@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Shannon Dorsey Professor; Associate Chair for Graduate Studies dorsey2@uw.edu Child Clinical No
Corey Fagan Teaching Professor coreyf@uw.edu Adult Clinical, Child Clinical No
Angela Fang Assistant Professor angfang@uw.edu Adult Clinical Yes
Ione Fine Professor ionefine@uw.edu Cognition and Perception, Quantitative Psychology Maybe
Brian Flaherty Associate Professor bxf4@uw.edu Quantitative Psychology No
Jennifer Forsyth Assistant Professor jenforsy@uw.edu Adult Clinical Maybe
Vibh Forsythe Cox Clinical Associate Professor vibh@uw.edu Adult Clinical No
Katherine T. Foster Assistant Professor ktfoster@uw.edu Child Clinical No
William George Professor bgeorge@uw.edu Adult Clinical No
David Gire Associate Professor dhgire@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Lauren Graham Assistant Teaching Professor lkgraham@uw.edu No
Renee Ha Teaching Professor robinet@uw.edu Developmental, Neural Systems and Behavior No
Debrielle T. Jacques Assistant Professor jacquesd@uw.edu Child Clinical No
Tyler Jimenez Assistant Professor jimenezt@uw.edu Social and Personality No
Susan Joslyn Professor susanj@uw.edu Cognition and Perception No
Peter Kahn Professor pkahn@uw.edu Developmental No
Cheryl Kaiser Professor and Associate Chair for Faculty Development & Inclusion ckaiser@uw.edu Social and Personality Yes
Jonathan Kanter Research Associate Professor jonkan@uw.edu Adult Clinical No
Lynn Fainsilber Katz Research Professor katzlf@uw.edu Child Clinical, Developmental No
Jeansok Kim Professor jeansokk@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Kevin King Professor kingkm@uw.edu Child Clinical, Quantitative Psychology Yes
Tabitha Kirkland Associate Teaching Professor tabithak@uw.edu Social and Personality No
Randall Kyes Research Professor; Adj. Research Prof., Global Health; Director, Cnt. of Global Field Study rkyes@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Mary Larimer Professor, Psychology and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences larimer@uw.edu Adult Clinical Yes
Liliana Lengua Professor liliana@uw.edu Child Clinical, Quantitative Psychology Yes
Cynthia Levine Assistant Professor cslevine@uw.edu Social and Personality Yes
Laura Little Teaching Professor llittle@uw.edu Quantitative Psychology No
Priscilla Lui Assistant Professor pplui@uw.edu Adult Clinical Yes
LucĂ­a Magis-Weinberg Assistant Professor luciamw@uw.edu Developmental No
Nicole Mcnichols Associate Teaching Professor nicolekm@uw.edu No
Andrew Meltzoff Professor Co-director, UW Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences meltzoff@uw.edu Developmental No
Sheri Mizumori Professor mizumori@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Scott Murray Professor somurray@uw.edu Cognition and Perception Yes
Dana Nelson Lecturer Part-Time dnelson@uw.edu No
Michael Passer Associate Teaching Professor mpasser@uw.edu Social and Personality No
Loma Pendergraft Teaching Associate pendel@uw.edu No
Chantel Prat Professor csprat@uw.edu Cognition and Perception No
Betty Repacholi Associate Professor bettyr@uw.edu Developmental No
Ariel Rokem Research Associate Professor arokem@uw.edu Quantitative Psychology, Cognition and Perception Yes
Yuichi Shoda Professor yshoda@uw.edu Social and Personality, Quantitative Psychology No
Joseph Sisneros Professor sisneros@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior Yes
Kyobi Skutt-Kakaria Lecturer Full-Time Temporary kyobi@uw.edu No
Jacqueline Spector Lecturer Part-time jpick@uw.edu No
Ariel Starr Assistant Professor abstarr@uw.edu Developmental Yes
Andrea Stocco Associate Professor stocco@uw.edu Cognition and Perception Yes
Wendy Stone Professor stonew@uw.edu Child Clinical No
Milla Titova Assistant Teaching Professor titovam@uw.edu Social and Personality No
Z Yan Wang Assistant Professor of Psychology and Biology and Weill Neurohub Term Assistant Professor zywang22@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Clara Wilkins Associate Professor and Earl R. Carlson Professor claraw@uw.edu Social and Personality Maybe
Amber Williams Assistant Professor amberdw@uw.edu No
Delancey Wu Assistant Teaching Professor dcwu@uw.edu No
Lori Zoellner Professor zoellner@uw.edu Adult Clinical No
David Barash Professor Emeritus dpbarash@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Miriam Bassok Professor Emeritus mbassok@uw.edu Cognition and Perception No
Michael Beecher Professor Emeritus beecher@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Ilene Bernstein Professor Emeritus ileneb@uw.edu Developmental, Neural Systems and Behavior No
Eliot Brenowitz Emeritus Professor eliotb@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Steven Buck Professor Emeritus of Psychology sbuck@uw.edu Cognition and Perception, Neural Systems and Behavior No
Deborah Chun Senior Lecturer dchun@uw.edu No
Jaime Diaz Professor Emeritus diaz@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Anthony Greenwald Professor Emeritus agg@uw.edu Cognition and Perception, Social and Personality, Quantitative Psychology No
James Ha Research Professor Emeritus jcha@uw.edu No
Nancy Kenney Emeritus Associate Professor nkenney@uw.edu Social and Personality, Neural Systems and Behavior No
Beth Kerr Associate Professor Emeritus bkerr@uw.edu Cognition and Perception No
Carol Kusche Clinical Associate Professor ckusche@uw.edu No
Marsha Linehan Professor Emeritus linehan@uw.edu Adult Clinical No
Joan Lockard Professor Emeritus jsl@uw.edu No
Geoffrey Loftus Professor Emeritus gloftus@uw.edu Cognition and Perception, Quantitative Psychology No
Terence Mitchell Professor, Management and Organization, Professor of Psychology trm@uw.edu No
John Miyamoto Associate Professor Emeritus jmiyamot@uw.edu Cognition and Perception, Quantitative Psychology No
Jaime Olavarria Emeritus Professor jaime@uw.edu Neural Systems and Behavior No
Lee Osterhout Emeritus Professor losterho@uw.edu Cognition and Perception No
John Palmer Research Professor Emeritus jpalmer@uw.edu Cognition and Perception, Quantitative Psychology No
Ronald Smith Professor Emeritus resmith@uw.edu Adult Clinical, Social and Personality No
Frank Smoll Professor Emeritus smoll@uw.edu Developmental No
G Benjamin Clinical Professor gahb54@uw.edu No
Gregory Bratman Assistant Professor bratman@uw.edu No
David Breiger Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Psychology breiger@uw.edu No
Jonathan Bricker Affiliate Professor jbricker@uw.edu Adult Clinical Yes
Andrew Brown andrewdb@uw.edu No
Jamila Brown Clinical Instructor - Non Salaried brownjm@uw.edu No
Darrow Chan Clinical Instructor dartchan@uw.edu No
Leslie Cohn Clinical Instructor lgcohn@uw.edu No
Susan Collins Research Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences - Harborview Medical Center collinss@uw.edu No
Katherine Anne (Kate) Comtois Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,Adjunct Professor, Behavioral Research & Therapy Clinics, Dept. of Psychology kcomtois@uw.edu Adult Clinical No
Jessica Cowan Clinical Instructor - Non Salaried jacowan@uw.edu No
Linda Dimeff Clinical Instructor ladimeff@uw.edu No
Angela C. Doyle Clinical Instructor, Psychology acdoyle@uw.edu No
Peter M. Doyle Clinical Instructor pmdoyle@uw.edu No
Beatrice Ellis Clinical Assistant Professor btls@uw.edu No
Leafar Espinoza Clinical Instructor lespin@uw.edu No
Mary Fallon Clinical Professor fallonp@uw.edu No
Robin Foster Affiliate Professor rlfoster@uw.edu No
Irene Geisner Clinical Associate Professor geisner@uw.edu No
Joshua Ginzler Clinical Instructor - Non Salaried shua@uw.edu No
Judith Gordon Clinical Professor jgordon@uw.edu No
Thomas Grabowski Professor of Radiology and Neurology (joint) Director, Integrated Brain Imaging Center tgrabow@uw.edu No
Gertrude Green Clinical Instructor gdg4@uw.edu No
Kyrill Gurtovenko gurtoven@uw.edu No
Shannon Hackett Clinical Instructor hacketts@uw.edu No
Russell Hanford Clinical Instructor russellh@uw.edu No
Ruth Herman-Dunn Clinical Assistant Professor rherman@uw.edu No
Yumi Hiraga Clinical Instructor yhiraga@uw.edu No
Stefanie Hlastala Clinical Instructor shlastal@uw.edu No
Dorian Hunter Clinical Instructor dhunter@uw.edu No
Wendy Hutchins-Cook Clinical Instructor whc3@uw.edu No
Tedd Judd Clinical Instructor teddjudd@gmail.com No
Laura Kastner Clinical Professor kastner@uw.edu No
Steven Katz Clinical Instructor skatz@uw.edu No
Kenneth King Clinical Assistant Professor krking@uw.edu No
David Kosins Clinical Instructor dkosins@uw.edu No
Patricia Kuhl Co-Director, Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences; Professor, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Adjunct Professor, Psychology pkkuhl@uw.edu No
Kristina Kwon Clinical Instructor kwonk@uw.edu No
Rona Levy Professor, School of Social Work, Adjunct Professor, Psychology rlevy@uw.edu No
Elizabeth Lotempio Clinical Instructor lotempio@uw.edu No
Mary Plummer Loudon Clinical Instructor marydp@uw.edu No
David Markley Clinical Instructor dmarkley@uw.edu No
Joel Martell Clinical Instructor jmartell@uw.edu No
Carolyn McCarty Research Associate Professor, Pediatrics, Adjunct Research Associate Professor, Psychology cmccarty@uw.edu No
Elizabeth McCauley Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Adjunct Professor, Psychology eliz@uw.edu No
Gwenyth Mcconnell Clinical Instructor gmcc@uw.edu No
Christopher Mccurry Clinical Assistant Professor cmccurry@uw.edu No
Michael Miller Clinical Associate Professor mlm47@uw.edu No
Kristina Olson Professor krolson@uw.edu No
Karen Pavlidis Clinical Instructor karenp@uw.edu No
Stacey Prince Clinical Instructor sprince@uw.edu No
Douglas Ramsay Professor and Chair, Dental Public Health Sciences, School of Dentistry Professor, Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, Adjunct Professor, Psychology ramsay@uw.edu No
Jacqueline Randall Clinical Instructor jackran@uw.edu No
Tony Rousmaniere Clinical Instructor tonyr2@uw.edu No
Edwin Rubel Professor, Otolaryngology, Bloedel Hearing Research Center Physiology & Biophysics, Neurological Surgery, Adjunct Professor Psychology rubel@uw.edu No
Sheppard Salusky Clinical Assistant Professor ssalusky@uw.edu No
Werner Schimmelbusch Clinical Professor whs@uw.edu No
Frederick Shic Adjunct Associate Professor fshic@uw.edu No
Tracy Simpson Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychology tracys@uw.edu No
Milani Smith Clinical Instructor mplummer@uw.edu No
Matthew Speltz Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Adjunct Professor, Psychology, Director, Child Psychiatry Outpatient ClinicChildren's Hospital & Medical Center mspeltz@uw.edu No
Susan Spieker Director, Center on Infant Mental Health and Development, Professor Family & Child Development, Adjunct Professor, Psychology spieker@uw.edu No
Katy Stanfill Clinical Instructor katyevan@uw.edu No
Mark A Stein mstein42@uw.edu No
Emory Strickland Clinical Instructor - Non Salaried emorys@uw.edu No
Sarah Sullivan Clinical Instructor sarsul@uw.edu No
Neal Teng Clinical Assistant Professor nteng@uw.edu No
Linda Teri Interim Chair and Professor, Psychosocial & Community Health, Adjunct Professor, Psychology, Director, Northwest Research Group on Aging, Psychosocial & Community Health lteri@uw.edu No
Christeine Terry Clinical Instructor cmt3@uw.edu No
Andrew Thompson Clinical Instructor pthomp@uw.edu No
Karen E. Toth Clinical Instructor - Non Salaried ktoth@uw.edu No
Sonia Venkatraman Clinical Instructor soniaven@uw.edu No
Peter Vitaliano Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, Director, Stress and Coping Project, Adjunct Professor, Psychology pvital@uw.edu No
Sara Jane Webb Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology sjwebb@uw.edu No
Stacy Welch Clinical Instructor slshaw@uw.edu No
Gary Wieder Clinical Instructor gwieder@uw.edu No
Bonnie Wolkenstein Clinical Instructor bhw@uw.edu No
Priscilla Wright Clinical Assistant Professor posyww@uw.edu No