Psychology 497 Fieldwork

For an overview about the Psych 496-499 experiences, please
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Psychology majors have the opportunity to earn departmental elective credit for their fieldwork experience in areas related to psychology. The Psychology Department offers Psych 497, a weekly seminar open to students who are also engaged in work in the community. Students have the chance to gain valuable training and work experience in the fields of counseling, social services, criminal justice, education and human resources. In conjunction with the field experience, the Psych 497 seminar helps students to further define their educational and career goals by encouraging the exploration of larger academic questions which relate to the fieldwork they are doing.

Locating a fieldwork site usually takes several weeks and may require training or a background check. To ensure a start date at the beginning of the quarter, students are encouraged to search for a fieldwork site the quarter before enrolling in Psych 497. 

Tips on how to find a Fieldwork Site:

  • Click on the Fieldwork Opportunities (button below). These are sites past psychology students have worked. Contact the volunteer coordinator at one or more sites. Let them know you are a UW undergraduate Psychology student who wants to explore the opportunity of working with their organization. The coordinator may match you with individuals on their staff or with work that might interest you.
  • Look for internships on Handshake (a list maintained by the UW Career & Internship Center) or at the United Way of King County or Volunteer Match or Idealist.
  • Contact an organization that does psychology related work. Some organizations don't post all positions. 
  • Talk with your friends, family, & relatives. Often students have found positions by using their personal connections.
  • Look in the Psychology Undergraduate Newsletter.
  • Talk with Cy if you need any additional help.

Fieldwork Opportunities

International students on an F-1 visa should review the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) on the International Student Service (ISS) website before searching for a fieldwork site. International students need to be enrolled in 497 prior to submitting the CPT. CPT processing will take take a minimum of 2 weeks. International students may not start their experience until the CPT request is fully approved.

Click the button below to access the registration request survey for winter quarter. Students will be registered into 497 on and after November 15. Students will not receive an add code. Please review How do I earn credit for my experience? below for information on converting hours into credits. Students are encouraged to secure a fieldwork site before the start of winter quarter, January 3, 2023. 

Registration request survey

*Can't access the survey? Recieved the message, "You don't have permission to view or respond to this form"? Switch browser settings to private or incognito mode and log in using your UW account information. The survey can only be accessed through your UW account. 

International students on F-1 Visas will need to be enrolled in 497 and have a site secured prior to submitting the CPT. Processing of the CPT takes 2 weeks. Please do not wait until the start of the quarter to begin this process. Review information about CPT 

After a fieldwork site has been secured, complete and submit the fieldwork Application & Learning Contract (ALC). The ALC submission deadline is the first Friday of the quarter. Prior to accessing the ALC, it is recommend to meet with your site supervisor and talk about the duties and expectations of your fieldwork site. You may be contacted if there are any questions, issues, or concerns about your ALC. 

To access and to submit your ALC*, please follow these steps: 

  1. Log into Handshake (button below) using your UW net ID.
  2. Click Career Center at top.
  3. Click Experiences
  4. Click Request an Experience
  5. Choose Psych 497 - Fieldwork 

ALC submittion

*International students on an F-1 visa will need to review and complete the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) information available on the International Student Service (ISS) website before submitting the ALC.


Psychology is a vast field covering many area from child development to mental health, animal behavior to sensory perception. There are many different types of experiences that are related to psychology. You are encouraged to reflect on your psychology coursework to identify how your volunteer experience may be related.

Keep in mind that psychology is the study of human and animal behavior. With your experience, you will want to seek out positions where you will have many interactions with people or animals. A position where duties are limited to filing, answering phones, copy, stalk goods, cook or prep does not provide in-depth interactions with others. The goal is to find an experience that allows you to grow from observations and deep and meaningful conversations.

A conversation with the site supervisor may be helpful to identify if their needs match your goals. Cy and the other Psychology Advisers are available to help you with this process. When you submit your Learning Contract, you will be expected to include specific ways that your fieldwork experience is related to psychology.

Your relationship with your site supervisor is very important. When you first meet to discuss your fieldwork experience, please discuss the following topics:

  • Discuss what you would like to learn about the organization and the work that they do.
  • Discuss your future career goals and interests and how this experience may prepare you for that work.
  • Discuss the type of work they will expect from you at this organization
  • Discuss the quality of supervision and the type of training you will receive as a volunteer.
  • Discuss the number of hours you will be expected to perform and your schedule. 
  • Decide how many credits you want to receive.

A critical component of your fieldwork experience is the training and supervision you will receive at the field site. Below is an outline of expectations for your field site supervisor. Please keep these guidelines in mind and refer to them when talking with the agency you plan to do your fieldwork. In addition, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the agency's training or supervision, please don't hesitate to contact Cy Delgado, in the Psychology Advising Office.

The field site supervisor must agree to:

  • Provide a good learning and training environment for the student, to include adequate orientation to the program and regular supervision, as necessary, keeping routine work such as data entry and filing to a minimum.
  • Work directly with the student and make explicit arrangements with the student concerning the student's overall learning objectives, communication with the student, expectations, and records of the student's hours and performance.
  • Complete an evaluation of the student's performance--this evaluation will be emailed to the site supervisor toward the end of the academic quarter, and must be returned to the Psychology Advising Office before the student can receive credit.

The general guideline is: 1 credit = 3 hours of work per week/30 hours a quarter.  

First-quarter Students:
As a first-quarter student, in addition to the time at your site, you must attend a weekly class session. Please check the current UW Time Schedule/MyPlan for class day and time. The class will count for 1 credit, while site hours will make up the remaining credits. The minimum number of hours at a site is 3 hours per week for 30 hours over the quarter. The maximum number of hours is 12 per week, 120 hours over the quarter. Typically, students enroll in 3 credits to fulfill the experience requirement. See chart below: 


 Class + Homework  Hours Per Week

 Site Hours 
Per Week

 Total Site Hours 
Per Quarter

2 3 3 30
3 3 6 60
4 3 9 90
5 3 12 120

Continuing Students:
If you continue with Psych 497 for a second or third quarter, you will not attend a class. Instead, your credits will be the number of hours at your site and submitting assignments through Canvas.  


 Site Hours 
Per Week

 Total Site Hours 
Per Quarter

1* 3 30
2 6 60
3 9 90
4 12 120
5 15 150

*Beginning winter quarter 2020, continuing students can register for 1 credit of Psych 497.

There are no weekly hour requirements, and students may adjust weekly hours to fit your schedule. However, it is essential to speak with your supervisor at the start of your experience and throughout the quarter to clarify scheduling. At the end of the quarter, site hours should total the number of hours required for registerd credits.

For first quarter students, you may register for a minimum of 2 credits, continuing students are allowed to register for a minimum of 1 credit. In a given quarter students may register for a maximum of 5 credits. Students may apply a maximum of 10 credits of Psych 497 towards the Psych degree and registration into 497 will be restricted. Overall, students may only apply 18 credits of Psych 496-499 towards the 180 credits. 

At the end of the quarter, your site supervisor will be emailed a final evaluation asking to rate your performance and confirm the number of hours you have completed. Your supervisor may use their organization's hours tracking system or they may use the hours you have personally tracked throughout the quarter either digitally or on paper (Considering summer hours? See summer through autumn question below). It is important to speak with your supervisor at the end of the quarter to discuss how well you have done and confirm the number of hours you have completed. 

Yes, students may earn up to a maximum of 10 credits of Psych 497 by registering in the continuing student section, section D, of Psych 497. 

Yes! While most sites are volunteer, the rational for being paid is that wages provide compensation for the effort you put forth in the internship/fieldwork itself. Whereas academic credit provides compensation for the completion of assignments demonstrating that the learning takes place in an internship. 

It is best to find one fieldwork site for a variety of reasons (e.g., time demands, travel concerns, supervisor coordination, etc.) however, it may be possible to do two sites. Depending on which section you register in, please contact Cy or Dr. Nelson for final approval. If approved, you must complete separate ALCs for both fieldwork sites.

If you have already been working at a site for a period of time or before registering for Psych 497, you are encouraged to do an additional project or take on additional responsibilities to further your learning.

No. With the exception of hours completed during summer, Psych 497 is intended to grant students credit for academic work (the Psych 497 class) done concurrently with the fieldwork experience.

Psych 497 is only offered during the autumn, winter, and spring quarters. Students who would like to receive credit for the hours they complete during the summer may do so by registering for 497 in autumn. Summer is the only quarter students may complete their hours prior to registering in 497.

Students have 3 options to complete their hours. Student may complete their hours during the summer, or summer through autumn, or during autumn. You are encouraged to review the credit vs hours chart above to determine how many credits to register for 497 during the autumn. If you complete your hours during the summer, your final performance evaluation will be sent to your supervisor at the beginning of autumn quarter.

International students on an F-1 visa are strongly encouraged to review the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) information available through the International Student Service (ISS) office during the spring or prior to starting your search for a summer fieldwork site.

If you have questions, contact Cy Delgado before the summer quarter begins to discuss this process. 

In the event that the class is full your name will be added to the waitlist and once a space is available you may be added. If you have a time conflict, please adjust your schedule or plan to take 497 the following quarter. In the case of students who complete non-psychology related internships, you have the option to apply for General Studies 350 credit. The General Studies 350 class is managed through the Community Engagement & Leadership Education (CELE) Center located at 171 Mary Gates Hall. You have two options for receiving GEN ST 350 credits: Option 1 -find a UW faculty or Instructor Sponsor. Option 2 - enroll in a distance learning section of GEN ST 350. GEN ST 350 credit may not be substituted for Psych 497 credit. Due to CPT restrictions, international students may not register for Option 2, the distance learning section because the distant learning course it not tied to our department. Please contact the Carlson staff for assistance at 206-543-4282 or

General Studies 350

Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to learn and observe many things about the application of psychology in the world of work. You will also learn about various topics in career and professional development.

No, Psych 496, 497, 498, 499 are experience courses and will not fulfill the upper divisional academic course requirements.

You can direct specific questions to Cy Delgado, 206.543.3365,, or visit 119A Guthrie Hall

Alternatively, you may contact the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office at or 206.543.2698