Undergraduate Advising Appointments

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Schedule an Appointment

  • Appointments are scheduled in 30 minute blocks.
  • For Zoom scheduled remote appointments or drop-ins, please use the Zoom links below.
  • An email confirmation and reminder will be sent to you for scheduled appointments.
  • To be guaranteed an appointment, please schedule well in advance.
  • Please schedule only one appointment per day. If we have time, you may either use two consecutive appointments or drop in later the same day for a second appointment.
  • Even when our schedule looks full, we often have last-minute openings. Please check the appointment calendar for last-minute openings or plan to visit the next available Zoom drop-in advising time.

Schedule an Appointment

Zoom Drop-in Hours & Links for Remote Appointments

Zoom Drop-in hours are great for anyone who have quick questions. When joining a drop-in or a scheduled remote meeting, you will initially be placed into a waiting room in order to keep each meeting private. We thank you for your patience as we may be meeting with another student.

Cy from 1:30pm-3:00pm Thursdays and Fridays
ZOOM with Cy

Vicky from 8:30am-10:00am and 3:00pm -4:00 pm on Wednesdays
ZOOM with Vicky

Carrie from 1:00-2:30 on Oct 18 and from 10:30-12:00 on Oct 19
ZOOM with Carrie


Additionally, you may reach a specific Psychology undergraduate advisor directly at the following email addresses. Only send your message to one advisor at a time.  Please include your student number in all of your correspondence:

Carrie Perrin - cyoung@uw.edu
Cy Delgado - delgadoc@uw.edu
Vicky Hansen - hansenv@uw.edu


You may reach an advisor by calling 206-543-2698 and selecting the advisor you would like to speak with. Our office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.