Undergraduate Support Funds

James Steele Endowed Scholarship

This fund supports undergraduate students conducting research in clinical psychology and advances in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. Dr. James R. Steele was an early graduate of the department’s clinical psychology program.


Friends of Psychology Fund

Unrestricted support that can be used to help undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and the full range of departmental programs, wherever the need is greatest.


Ruth H. Hagenstein Endowed Scholarship

Ruth H. Hagenstein’s family set up an endowment to benefit undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing degrees in psychology and/or sociology. Ruth H. Hagenstein (Johnson) and William D. Hagenstein were both graduates of University of Washington in 1938. Ruth's studies were in the School of Social Science; her interests were in psychology, sociology and social work. She was a lifelong advocate and supporter for the needs of children. We thank the Hagenstein’s for their support of our undergraduates.


Aric Chandler Memorial Fund

The Aric Chandler Memorial Fund was established by Aric’s family and friends in 2016 to honor the memory of a bright young man and undergraduate Psychology major who dreamed of a career focused on helping others. The purpose of this endowment is to provide broad-based direct financial support to undergraduate students majoring in Psychology and focused on children and/or adolescents.

To learn more about the story behind this fund, please visit the donor story here.