Graduate Study in Psychology

Why choose the UW psychology graduate program?

Graduate students working toward the Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Washington are offered a flexible program, designed to prepare them for careers at the cutting edge of research and scholarship. While many students earn the M.S. in Psychology on the way to their Ph.D., we do not admit students in our Ph.D. program whose goal is a terminal Master's degree. For students interested in a Master's only degree, we have a M.A. in Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment, which you can learn about by clicking here

Our graduate program is mentor-based. Students train under the direct guidance of one or more specific faculty members whose scholarly interests parallel their own. Prospective students are expected to identify faculty they view as potential mentors. The department is divided into seven general areas of study. Students apply to a specific area of study and not to the department as a whole. Students collaborate with their mentors and other faculty in their area of study to determine the coursework and training that best meets the student's career goals.

Psychology is a dynamic field. With its focus on the understanding of behavior of both humans and animals, our field is poised at the juncture between biological and social forces. New discoveries are constantly informing our work and changing the way we go about our business, whether in terms of theory, application, or methods. If you are curious, creative, and energetic, there is no better time for you to be pursuing advanced study in psychology. We welcome your interest.