Directions To Psychology Buildings

The Department of Psychology is located in multiple building across the Seattle Campus and city. Please see the accordion below for contacts and directions.

Psychology Buildings

Photo of Guthrie Hall

  • Contact:

    Main Office and Faculty

    • Room 119 A
    • University of Washington
    • Department of Psychology
    • Box 351525
    • Seattle WA 98195-1525
    • (206) 543-2640
    • (206) 685-3157
    • Email:

    Department Chair


    Shipping Address

    • University of Washington, Psychology
    • 119 Guthrie Hall
    • Seattle, WA 98195

    Undergraduate Advising Office

    Graduate Program Office


    Payroll Office

  • Driving:

    From Interstate 5

    Guthrie Hall is on the University of Washington campus, located on Memorial Way, and easily accessed from Gate 5 located at 15th Avenue NE and NE 40th Street.

  • Parking:
    • Visitors Parking is available at the Cental Parking Garage located on 15th Ave. NE. Head south on 15th Avenue three blocks to NE 41st Street. Turn left at Gate #1 into the Central Plaza Garage. Stop at the gatehouse inside the garage for directions and a parking permit. Fees Apply
    • Metered parking is available west of 15th Ave.
    • You can also pay for on-campus parking by stopping at Gate 5 located at NE 40th St. and 15th Ave. NE and ask to park in lot C8 which is behind the Archetecture building next door. Fees Apply
  • Bus:

    The University campus is served by numerous Metro bus routes, as well as a few Community Transit routes

  • Contact:
    • Psychology Writing Center
    • Jacquie Spector, Director
    • Chemistry Library Building, Room 160
    • Seattle, WA 98195
    • Tel: 206.685.8278
    • Email:
  • Contact:
    • Psychological Services and Training Center (The Clinic)
    • Kincaid Hall Suite 410
    • 3751 W Stevens Way NE
    • Seattle, WA 98195
    • Tel: (206) 543-6511
  • Contact:
    • University of Washington Center for Anxiety & Traumatic Stress (UWCats)
    • 3935 University Way NE
    • Seattle, WA 98105
    • Tel: (206) 685-3617
    • Email:
  • Driving:

    via Interstate 5

    Take the 45th street exit (UW). Go east on 45th street to 15th avenue and turn right on 15th. At 40th street, turn left onto campus (Gate 5).

  • via Metro Bus:

    From routes 43, 44, 45, 46, 48, 75, 167, 271, 272, 277, and 373, exit the bus at 15th avenue and 40th street.

Image of CCFW Building

  • Contact:
    • Center for Child and Family Well-Being (CCFW)
    • Kincaid Hall
    • 3751 W. Stevens Way NE
    • Seattle, WA 98195
    • Tel: 206.221.8508
    • Email:
  • Driving:

    From Interstate 5 Center for Child and Family Well-Being (CCFW) is housed in the Brooklyn Trail Building, which is located on Brooklyn Ave. NE, South of the NE 45th St. Take the 45th St. NE exit and head East. Turn right on Brooklyn Ave. NE.

  • Parking:

    When visiting CCFW, please allow yourself ample time to locate parking. There are a number of parking options on campus including pay-lots, parking garages, and street parking. Please review the map below to locate the various parking options available to you. We suggest utilizing one of the following options: 1. Limited pay - station spots available in W-12 lot. Without a UW permit, you may only park in labeled “pay-station” spaces. Meters are located in each lot and take Visa and MasterCard only. Rates are typically $3/hr before 5pm on weekdays, and a flat rate of $5 after 5pm on weekdays and before noon on Saturdays. Parking is free on Sundays. 2. Visit the gatehouse (blue circle) to obtain a day-use permit. Ask for the W-12 lot right across the street from CCFW. This will allow you to park in any open spot in the W-12 lot. Day-use permits are $15 before 5pm on weekdays. If you park for less than 4 hours, you may visit the gatehouse on your way out for a pro-rated refund. Rates are $5 after 5pm on weekdays and before noon on Saturdays. The gatehouse is closed on Sundays. 3. Park in the Central Plaza Parking Garage (upper right hand corner of the map). Similar rates apply.

  • Bus:

    The University campus is served by numerous Metro bus routes, as well as a few Community Transit routes.