Information for Current Graduate Students

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Hello current graduate students!

Please use this page as a reference to frequently asked processes. I've also linked to documents commonly used. Keep in mind, many of these forms/requests must return to me in G127. Do not take anything directly to the Graduate School unless specified below. Thank you and visit us again!

Please check the Graduate Student Manual for FULL detailed processes and information.

If there is something that you would like to see here, please send G127 an email.


The supervisory committee is typically created at the end of the first year or beginning of the second year. Clinical students form theirs at the end of the second year. You will need to complete this form, called the "Application for Ph.D. Supervisory Committee" and turn it into the Psych Graduate Program Office --- G127 (not the Graduate School). We will convey this information to the Graduate School and everyone on your committee will receive a confirmation email. We can also accept the form electronically if you have received your 'signatures' via email. Please make sure to include everything in the email/attachment if you go this route.

Discuss with your faculty adviser the make-up of your committee, keeping in mind that the department requires a Psychology-majority (full faculty, not associate, adjunct, etc) and your area may have specifications as well. Currently (as of 2007), the GSR is a voting member. (Graduate School information on Supervisory Committees.)

You may find your future committee members via the Graduate Faculty Locator. One or two members may be on your committee who are not Graduate Faculty. You will need to provide their current CV when you submit your formation request to G127. (Gradaute School Memo 12: Membership to Graduate Faculty and Endorsement to Chair Doctoral Supervisory Committees)

Beginning with committees established in the Autumn 2007 quarter, graduate students and chairs of all newly formed committees are required to sign a form documenting that the student has been advised of human and animal subjects guidelines. The form is available on the Graduate School Forms web page at:

Note: Clinical and Child Clinical students will need the signature of the Clinic Director at the very bottom of the form and also have specifications on committee make-up as well.

The General Exam is typically completed during the third year. You will need to have created your supervisory committee (see #1) before scheduling your exam.

Then, complete this questionnaire before or at the same time you turn in your request to G127.

Submit the Request to Schedule General Examination online at the MyGrad - Student view website. Everyone on your committee must agree that your exam will happen on date/time/location, but on exam day, your exam can proceed with a minimum of four members (chair, GSR, and two other members), called a quorum. The schedule request must be submitted at least 3wks prior to your intended exam if possible.

FYI: If you schedule your general exam during a school break, your Ph.C. status (doctoral candidate) will not be awarded until the end of the following quarter. You will be upgraded to a Level 2 payscale only after your Ph.C. status has been conferred.

Your exam warrant will arrive to our office approximately one week before your exam. We'll let you know when we have it. (Graduate School information on General Exams.)

I will email you a pdf of your exam warrant; you need this for your exam. When you pass (positive thinking!), have all present committee members sign the warrant and bring it back to G127 (NOT the Graduate School) so I may make copies for people who need to know, such as payroll. Your Ph.C. (doctoral candidate) status is conferred on the last day of the quarter.

Setting up your Reading Committee is quite similar to your Supervisory Committee, but with a different form. It's typically 3 voting members of your Supervisory Committee who agree to go over your dissertation. (Graduate School information on Reading Committees.) Again, bring the form to G127 and not the Graduate School. Our office will electronically convey your committee to the Graduate School.

You request a Master's degree online with the Graduate School (see very bottom of page for request link). Please check their webpage for deadlines. Once you have submitted a request, G127 will be able to print a warrant, which has to be signed by two psychology Graduate Faculty Members (not your supervisory committee, you do not need your committee formed for a Master's) who have read your thesis. When your warrant has been signed, please return it to G127. We will convey all Master's decisions to the Graduate School by the last day of finals week.

You will need 9 thesis credits to complete a Master's degree. In Psychology the thesis credits are Psych 700. To register, you need to request an add code from the Guthrie Main Office. You can take them over a few quarters or all at once, so long as your schedule permits it and you and your advisor are in agreement. If you are finishing up the last of your thesis credits in the quarter where you hope to earn your Master's, check with your advisor to ensure that credit is awarded in a timely manner.

Info on Theses, such as policy and style, deadlines, FAQs, are here.

Everything must be done no later than the last day of the quarter (last day of finals). A Master's request is good only for the quarter in which it was requested. If you end up not being able to complete your request, please let me know so that it can be withdrawn. You can request another one when you are ready, the link above automatically updates to the current quarter and your eligibility status.

Please note, a hold will be placed on your financial aid following the quarter of your request. You will need to complete a "Graduate Degree Confirmation Form" from the Office of Student Financial Aid to remove the hold.

Scheduling your Final Exam is similar to your General Exam request (see #2). Your Reading Committee (see #4) needs to have been set-up and everyone must agree to the date/time/location via email, which is then forwarded to me. Submit the request to schedule online at MyGrad - Student view website. (Graduate School Doctoral Degree Requirements -- Quick List)

I will email you a pdf of your exam warrant; you need this for your exam. When you pass (more positive thinking!), have all members of your supervisory committee sign the warrant and return it to G127 (NOT the Graduate School) . Copies will be made. From this date, you have 60 days to turn in your dissertation or by the end of the quarter (last day of finals week), whichever is sooner. You need to be registered in the quarter in which you turn in your dissertation; if you are unable to turn it in the same quarter you defended (within the 60 days).

Your doctorate will be conferred on the last day of the quarter in which you turn in your dissertation. If you turn your dissertation in during a school break, then 1) you must register for the quarter immediately after it, and 2) your degree will be conferred at the end of the quarter immediately following the break.

There is also an option for "Graduate Registration Waiver Fee" which allows you to turn in your dissertation within 14 days after the end of the quarter that you defended (but within the 60 days) without being registered for a $250 fee (better than 2 credits at ~$1090 resident/$2361 nonres). Please talk to me before you go this route.

Please submit your "Request for Supervisory Committee Reconstitution" to G127 (NOT the Graduate School). It may also be submitted via email if you have all the approvals. Our office will electronically convey your committee changes to the Graduate School. Everyone involved will receive a confirmation email.

The Psychology Department now has a policy for on-leave. Requests for on-leave need to be approved by primary/secondary advisors, along with the area's GTC rep, in writing. Students may request to go on-leave 4 quarters at a time and submit a $25 fee PER quarter of on-leave (cash/check) to the Schmitz Registration office no later than 5 days into the current quarter as long as you have not registered for classes at all or withdrew from classes before the start of the quarter. After the fifth day, please come by G127 to see if it's possible and to know the revised procedure for the request. Students must be registered or on-leave each quarter, otherwise they will be dropped from our program and would need to reapply.

Please come to G127 for the On-Leave Request form (or print the form, available online) and to get the approval signature from our department. (Graduate School Memo 9: On-Leave Status to Maintain Graduate Status.) You will bring the completed request and payment to Schmitz Hall 225.

The time spent on-leave counts in the "time to degree limit"--for doctoral degrees, it is 10 years. If you wish to renew, submit your request (in writing) to your advisors/GTC rep within 10 weeks before your leave expiration for evalulation. Once approved, another request (and $25 fee PER quarter of on-leave) must be submitted to Schmitz 225.

Please click for the full department policy is and a letter template; please edit as you see fit.