Undergraduate Research Opportunities

To learn more about the Psych 496-499 experiences, please watch this video.

If you are interested in earning academic (Psych 499) credit for working in a lab, follow these steps:

  1. Check the opportunities listed in the table below or check a faculty list to find someone whose interests match yours.
  2. Contact the researcher(s) you've identified. Discuss the project and the work you would be doing, and decide how many credits you would like to receive (3 credits = 9 hours/week, 2 credits = 6 hours/week, 1 credit = 3 hours/week).
  3. Click here for information on current procedures for PSYCH 499 registration.
  4. Register for your 499, for the proper amount of credits.

Current Research Opportunities

Interested in working with a Psychology Department faculty member or graduate student on a research project? The projects listed below are recruiting undergraduates to help out in their labs.

You may also visit the UW Office of Undergraduate Research website to search for research opportunities offered in other departments. If you find a research opportunity that you feel is related to psychology, contact Carrie Perrin at cyoung@uw.edu to see if that research experience can be approved to fulfill experiential requirements for the Psychology BA or BS. Please include a brief description of the research project as well as the name and department of the faculty member with whom you would be working.

Departments and programs where Psychology majors have previously found psychology-related research opportunities include, but are not limited to: Biology, Early Childhood & Family Studies, Economics, Foster School of Business, Gender/Women/Sexuality Studies, Global Health, Human Centered Design & Engineering, Informatics, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Nursing, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Radiology, and Social Welfare.

If you are a Psychology graduate student, staff, or faculty member and you would like to update your Psych 499 posting or add a new Psych 499 opportunity, please contact Carrie Perrin in Psychology Undergraduate Advising at 206-543-2698 or at cyoung@uw.edu.

Project Title Area(s) Department(s)
Project SELF Adult Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
REACT (Real-world Experiences of Alcohol & Cognitions over Time) Adult Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
READi Lab Early Childhood Autism Research Child Clinical, Developmental, Social and Personality Psychology
Stereotypes, Identity and Belonging Lab (SIBL) Social and Personality Psychology
Stress and Coping Project Social and Personality Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences