Add Codes for PSYCH 496, 498, and 499

Current Registration Procedures for PSYCH 496, 498, and 499
Please follow the procedure outlined below to register for the following types of credit: PSYCH 496 (Peer Teaching), PSYCH 498 (Directed Reading/Independent Research), and PSYCH 499 (Undergraduate Research).

For policies and procedures related to number of credits, late adds, late grade submission, and other areas, please visit this page.
You must first connect with a lab that will take you on as a 499 student, or with an individual Psychology faculty member who will work with you for peer teaching (496), or directed reading/independent research (498). To obtain an add code, the lab faculty or supervisor (for 499 credit), or supervising faculty (for 496 or 498 credit), will need to provide information about the student(s) they would like to sign up for credit. In the case of PSYCH 499 credit, faculty must also provide a syllabus outlining what the student(s) will be doing with them. The information and syllabus should be emailed by the faculty or supervisor (and not by the student), directly to the Psychology Lead,, in the Psychology Department Main Office. The Lead will then send an add code to the student(s) via email.

The student information should be in the following format:
  • Student's first and last name
  • Student number
  • Student's email address
  • Quarter the student will be enrolled for the credit
  • Course number (PSYCH 496, 498, or 499)
  • Specify course section (for PSYCH 496 or 498 only)
  • Name of faculty
  • Project title (for PSYCH 499 only)
  • Number of credits for the quarter
If you have any questions, please contact the Psychology Lead,, or Carrie Perrin,