Psych 499 Policies

Credits and Hours
For each credit of Psych 499, a student must work 3 hours per week (for 10 weeks) for a total of 30 hours. 2 credits = 6 hours/week = 60 total hours. 3 credits = 9 hours/week = 90 total hours. Grading for Psych 499 is Credit/No Credit only. There are no numerical grades for Psych 499.

There is a limit of 1-3 credits for Psych 499. If a student wants to do more than 3 credits, they will need to register twice for the same quarter using the same Add Code. An individual student can only receive up to 18 credits for Psych 496-499.

Summer Psych 499 credits
Students may want to complete their Psych 499 hours in the summer, but choose not to register for summer. In these situations, a lab may allow students to register for credit they earned during the summer in a future quarter. Please be mindful that 10-18 credits is the same tuition amount. Anything above 18 will include additional tuition rates.

Late Registration for Psych 499 credit
If a student wants to register for your Psych 499 during the second and third week of the quarter, a Psychology Adviser can register them and they can avoid the $20 late change fee.

If a student wants to register for your Psych 499 after the third week of the quarter, they will need to submit a Late Add Petition. After you and your student sign this form, please send your student with the form to the Psychology Advisers for final signatures.

Late Grading Process
Grades for Psych 499 are due to the Registrar's Office through the faculty member's MyUW account on the Tuesday following Finals Week. If you miss this deadline, you can submit late grades using this link:

Changing Number of Credits
A student may change their number of 499 credits through their MyUW account up to the end of the second week of the quarter. If they want to change the number of credits between the third and tenth week of the quarter, they will need your signature on this form: