Psychology 496 Undergraduate Teaching Experience

To learn more about the Psych 496-499 experiences, please watch this video.

Psychology 496, Undergraduate Teaching Experience, provides opportunities for upper-division students to act as peer tutors or assistants in quiz sections and labs in psychology courses. They are expected to have successfully completed the course in which they tutor and to complete training. Peer tutors may receive two or three credits for each quarter, with a maximum of six credits. Credit will be granted on a credit/no credit basis only.

If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor or assistant, please contact an instructor who will teach a class in a future quarter that you have done well in in the past. Once you have an agreement with the instructor that you will receive Psych 496 credit, then your instructor will follow our procedures in getting the add code for Psych 496 

Click here for information on current procedures for PSYCH 499 registration.