About Our Community Engagement

Community Outreach and Services

The Psychology Department is committed to shortening the gap between our research discoveries and their impact on society. Our evidence-based research has created innovative therapies that help annually many thousands of individuals, couples, and families. We share our work through our annual Allen L. Edwards Public Lecture Series in which we highlight our research initiatives through lectures on the latest research from our faculty as well as other related experts from around the world. These lectures are free to the public and can be viewed online at UWTV.org.

We also partner with the community to translate research findings into practices that improve the social, emotional, and cognitive development of children, individuals, and communities. We do this by:

  • Partnering on PTSD therapies with the VA and local refugee communities;
  • Collaborating with local social services organizations to provide services (i.e. Sound Mental Health);
  • Providing mindfulness and parenting workshops at our Center for Child and Family Well-Being;

The Department further serves individuals in the local community through our Psychological Services and Training Center, Center for Child and Family Well-Being, Marsha M. Linehan DBT Clinic, Center for Anxiety & Traumatic Stress, Center for the Science of Social Connection, and the LEARN Clinic. Psychology faculty members also provide targeted workshops in schools, companies, and community organizations. We participate in K-12 education via the UW in the High School program, and local science fairs. Faculty also provide expert witness services in the legal system.