Randall Kyes

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Randall Kyes, Ph.D.

Research Professor; Adj. Research Prof., Global Health; Director, Cnt. of Global Field Study
(206) 619-5765
Advising: Not accepting new graduate students in 2024-2025.
Interests: Primate Behavior, Conservation Biology, Population Assessment, Human-Wildlife Interface, Disaster Mental Health


My work involves extensive international collaboration in a number of habitat countries including Bangladesh, China, Dem. Rep. of Congo, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, and Thailand, Our collaborative research focuses on population assessement, habitat analysis, conservation genetics, and pathogen transmission in primates and other megafauna with special emphasis on the human-animal interface.

We also conduct annual field training programs in a number of countries: "Field Course in Conservation Biology & Global Health: At the Human-Environment Interface."

We also maintain strong partnerships with local organizations including the Woodland Park Zoo and the Snow Leopard Trust.


University of Georgia

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  • Kyes RC, Iskandar E, Pamungkus J. (2011). Preliminary survey of the longtailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) on Java, Indonesia: Distribution and human-primate conflict. In M. Gumert, A. Fuentes, L. Jones-Engel (Eds.), Monkeys on the Edge: Ecology and Management of Long-tailed Macaques and their Interface with Humans (pg. 65-69). Cambridge Univ. Press.
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