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Randy Kyes was recently featured in myRepublica covering a field course on conservation biology and global health.

17th annual field course on Conservation Biology and Global Health

Environment as a Valentine: conservationists to trainees

February 15, 2018 10:10 AM Bipana Thapa

KATHMANDU, Feb 15: Nepal Biodiversity Research Society (NEBORS) in collaboration with University of Washington , USA successfully concluded five days course in conservation biology and global health.

The training was held from February 10 to 14 at Forestry Training Center, Babarmahal, Banparishar complex.

This training provided an introduction to the disciplines of Conservation Biology and Global health - with a focus on the human-environment interface. A wide range of topics were covered; management and conservation strategies, wildlife conservation in Nepal, primate behavior and ecology, the human-wildlife interface, ecosystem management and conservation, and an understanding of the complex relationship between environmental health and global health.

It also shed light in global health, biomedical research and translational science. Through informal lectures, the training focused more to impart knowledge in conservation through interaction.

Several field exercises were conducted during the course. These activities were intended to help illustrate concepts discussed in lecture and allowed participants to obtain hands-on experience with basic field observation techniques, equipment and technology (e.g. Use of GPS, radio telemetry, range finder, trap cameras, etc) line-transect sampling, behavioral sampling methods, biological sample collection techniques, and visit to local health clinics.

“On this valentines’ day, start loving your nature around you, start proposing it saying “will you be my valentine dear nature?” Govinda Gajurel, member-secretary, NTNC said on the final training day.

Randall C. Kyes , Research Professor and Director, Department of Psychology, CGFS and WaNPRC, University of Washington at Seattle, USA was the main lecturer of the training. Along with Prof. Kyes, Pensri Kyes was also another supporting lecturer. Other instructors included Mukesh K Chalise, President NEBORS, Associate Prof, CDZ, TU, Sher Singh Thagunna, Former Chief Management, DNPWC, Laxman Khanal, Narayan P. Koju, NEC, Deepak Gajurel, associate professor, RR Campus.

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