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Across the Evolutionary Divide: the Story of Gaia


PhD student Dominic Sivitilli recounts his summer at the UW Friday Harbor labs studying Gaia, a giant Pacific octopus - the largest known species of octopus: "Vertebrates make up but a small minority of the diversity that evolution has made of the ancestral nervous system. If we truly mean to understand cognition, we need to broaden our perspective across the diversity of these forms—we need to look beyond the vertebrate model to other worlds of thought entirely. For this reason, I have chosen the octopus as my model organism." 

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How National and University Fellowships Help Annie Make The World a Better Place

Annie Fast is a graduate student in Developmental Psychology working under the mentorship of Dr. Kristina Olson. She was recently selected by the UW Graduate School to receive their Presidential Dissertation Fellowship, which provides tuition waivers, stipend, and health insurance for one quarter. She also was a recipient of the APF/COGDOP research scholarship. We asked Annie about her experience so far in the program and how these awards will enable her to reach her goals.

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With Go-Map Diversity Fellowship Funding, Student's Attention is on Human Attention

Miranda Petty

Miranda Petty (a Cognition & Perception graduate student with John Palmer) was awarded a recruitment fellowship from the Graduate Opportunity and Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) of the Graduate School when she accepted the offer to join the Psychology PhD program last year. This fellowship provides tuition assistance, stipend, health insurance, and makes available the close-knit network of the GO-MAP community. The Psychology Department is very thankful that GO-MAP recognizes gifted students from the onset of their graduate careers. Now that Miranda has entered her second year, we thought we'd ask her a few questions.

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From Rural England to Urban Seattle with NRSA Funding to Support our Visual World

Kit Moreland

Kit Moreland (Cognition & Perception graduate student working with Geoff Boynton) is our latest student to receive predoctoral funding from NIH (NRSA, or National Research Service Award) for his research on divided attention. The background of this research award was covered in a previous article. 

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Welcome to our 2017 Cohort!

2017 Graduate student cohort

Welcome to our new graduate students! This past September, 17 new graduate students began their doctoral studies in psychology at the University of Washington. New students have arrived from across the US and internationally. Within the US, students have received degrees from institutions on the East Coast, the Southeast, the West Coast , and many places in between. Additionally, they're already receiving recognition for their outstanding potential through fellowships and awards.

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Updates from the Diversity Steering Committee

The Diversity Steering Committee (DSC) has new leadership for the 2017-2018 academic year. Starting this past summer, Adriana Germano (third year social/personality psychology student) joined Frances Aunon (fourth year adult clinical psychology student) as DSC co-chair. Together, Frances and Adriana will share coordination and leadership of DSC’s many initiatives, along with this year’s faculty chair, Bill George. At our first meeting of the year, we laid the ground work for this upcoming year. New DSC projects include: increasing outreach with UW undergraduate students through hosting a research data blitz, coordinating campus-wide Allen L. Edwards Psychology talks on diversity, and creating a microagression workshop.

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Graduate Accomplishments

2017 Psychology Hooding ceremony

As we reflect on the year behind us, we celebrate the many accomplishments of our graduate students. Join us in congratulating them on making outstanding advancements in their education, research, and community impact.

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