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Updates from the Diversity Steering Committee

The Diversity Steering Committee (DSC) has new leadership for the 2017-2018 academic year. Starting this past summer, Adriana Germano (third year social/personality psychology student) joined Frances Aunon (fourth year adult clinical psychology student) as DSC co-chair. Together, Frances and Adriana will share coordination and leadership of DSC’s many initiatives, along with this year’s faculty chair, Bill George.

DSC’s previous two fearless co-chairs, Arianne (Ari) Eason and Sarah Edmunds, have taken their next steps in academia! Congratulations Ari and Sarah and thank you for all your hard work last year. We can’t wait to see what great work you do!

This autumn quarter, we welcomed many new graduate student members by presenting at psychology departments’ new student orientation. New members this year include: first year students Mariah Corey, Liana Galtieri, Michelle Smith, Terrence Pope, Jessica Glazier, Lauren McClain, Imani Burris, and second year student Laura Vianna. Welcome!

At our first meeting of the year, we laid the ground work for this upcoming year. New DSC projects include: increasing outreach with UW undergraduate students through hosting a research data blitz, coordinating campus-wide Allen L. Edwards Psychology talks on diversity, and creating a microagression workshop. We look forward to sharing more details about each of these projects soon, including how to get involved with them.

The DSC looks forward to supporting graduate students in exploring diversity science in their coursework, research, teaching, and other domains of engagement within and outside the UW.  Please contact us at for more information.

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