Services at the PCC

The Parent Child Clinic specializes in delivering treatments shown by peer-reviewed research to be effective for treating the problems that lead our clients to seek treatment. The special emphasis of the Parent Child Clinic is on those treatments that incorporate more than one family member,such as Behavioral Parent Training.

What to expect:

All services at the PCC start with a 2 hour intake appointment. This longer appointment is necessary in order to be able to have sufficient time to understand the history not only of the presenting problem, but the history of previous interventions, and a more holistic understanding of the family and child/adolescent. We aim to be able to give feedback by the end of the session of regarding our understanding of the presenting problem, general prognosis, and treatment recommendation. We also highly recommend that clients view the intake appointment as a chance to interview the therapist they are meeting with in order to be sure all their questions are answered and they are comnfortable both with the therapist and the treatment plan.

The therapist conducting the intake will contact you by telephone prior to the intake appointment to discuss which family members should attend the intake appointment as this may vary depending on age and presenting problem.