Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I make an inquiry to the LEARN Clinic?

Contact the LEARN Clinic at 206-543-6511. Initially, you will be given important general information from the front desk staff to help you determine if the LEARN clinic is a good fit for your needs.  If so, your contact information will be forwarded to the LEARN Clinic Intake Coordinator. They will then follow up via email to schedule a phone call to discuss your specific areas of concern and to make the final determination if the LEARN clinic is a good fit for your concerns and timeline.  

What kind of information can you obtain from the testing?

This depends on the presenting concerns and the assessment tools used during the evaluation. Detailed developmental history is gathered, as well as information about current challenges.  Areas assessed during a comprehensive evaluation, for example, include intellectual functioning (including verbal and nonverbal reasoning skills, as well as working memory and processing speed), academic achievement (including reading, writing, and mathematics), language skills, visual-perceptual and motor coordination skills, memory and learning, and executive functioning are administered. Evaluation of behavioral symptoms is completed as well.  Impressions are drawn from all the information gathered and presented during a feedback session, along with recommendations. 

What do I do if I don't know what type of testing is right for me?

Give us a call! Our Intake Coordinator will work with you to figure out what type of testing would be the best fit for your needs and concerns. Depending on your specific needs and timeline, and our availability, we can discuss scheduling, or we can provide information or referral resources. 

Can the LEARN Clinic help with quesitons about previous testing or the need for re-evaluation?

We can provide consultation for clients who have questions about their previous testing and/or their need for re-evaluation. We can also help clients who need to clarify presenting concerns and determine how to best address them. Finally, we can help clients understand when re-evaluation might be needed. 

Who does the testing?

The LEARN Clinic is a training site for graduate students in the Clinical and Child Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs at the University of Washington. Advanced graduate students routinely participate in LEARN Clinic evaluations under the supervision of the LEARN Clinic Director. The LEARN Clinic Director is directly involved in every LEARN Clinic evaluation.

Is the testing covered by insurance?

The LEARN Clinic does not accept insurance or bill insurance companies, and we do not have preferred provider status with any insurance companies. If your insurance covers evaluation services and you would like to file a claim with your insurance company, we will provide you with a statement of services rendered that you may include when making a claim. However, we cannot take responsibility for what your health insurance will or will not cover. Many insurance companies do not fully cover this type of evaluation.  

Please call your insurance company to determine exactly what coverage you have BEFORE your first appointment if this is a concern. Service codes for services provided typically include 90791, 96136/7, 96138/9, and 96130/1. 

How much does testing cost?

The cost of a LEARN Clinic evaluation is based on the number of hours of service provided.  Please review the table presented below to understand our fee structure. See our list of services provided to review estimated costs for different types of evaluations. Estimated cost ranges are not to be considered binding quotes. 

2024 Learn Clinic Fees (Hourly rate = $230 per hour):

Type of Assessment Required Fee at Start of Assessment Estimated* Total Cost
Comprehensive Evaluation $1300 $3700-$4500
ADHD Diagnostic Evaluation $950 $2000-$2400
Focused Evaluation $950 $2000-$2400
Consultation/Records Review ** ***
IQ Testing/Giftedness Evaluation ** $950-$1700
Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation ** $1700-$2300
Development Delay ** ***
Behavioral Adjustment Problems ** ***

* These are estimated fees. The final bill is determined by the number of service hours required.

** These services do not requre a fee at the start of the assessment.

***The clinic director can provide an estiamte upon hearing the details of your concerns


Does the LEARN Clinic have a sliding fee scale for low-income families?

The LEARN Clinic can occasionally provide services to a limited number of families at a reduced rate, based on financial need.  Should you be interested in a sliding scale rate for testing, please inquire if we have any spots available.