Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Contact the LEARN Clinic at 206-543-6511. Initially, you will be given important general information from the front desk staff to help you determine whether or not you wish to proceed in scheduling a LEARN Clinic evaluation. If you wish to proceed, you will be connected with the LEARN Clinic Intake Coordinator to discuss your specific areas of concern. You should be aware that the Intake Coordinator may not be able to return your call immediately but will contact you within a week. There will be an out-going message on the Intake Coordinator's voicemail with current information about the schedule for returning calls to prospective clients.

How far in advance should I call to schedule an appointment?

The LEARN Clinic receives a high volume of calls, and we often have appointments scheduled several months in advance. Current information about how far out appointments are currently scheduled is available from the LEARN Clinic Intake Coordinator. We also keep a wait list for families who wish to be contacted if we have cancellations.

Who does the testing?

The LEARN Clinic is a training site for graduate students in the Clinical and Child Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs at the University of Washington. Because we are a training facility, advanced graduate students routinely participate in LEARN Clinic evaluations under the supervision of the LEARN Clinic Director. Graduate students have completed extensive coursework in child assessment and have experience in test administration before participating in the LEARN Clinic practicum. The LEARN Clinic Director is directly involved in every LEARN Clinic evaluation. The level of participation by advanced graduate students depends on their level of experience and availability.

What kind of information can you obtain from the testing?

Testing is planned to address the presenting concerns that are discussed during the initial interview. The exact information obtained from the testing depends on the concerns being addressed and the information gathered, including the specific tests administered. Clients are frequently administered a measure of intellectual functioning that assesses verbal and nonverbal reasoning skills, as well as working memory and processing speed. Other domains typically assessed include academic achievement (in reading, writing, and mathematics), language skills, visual-perceptual and motor coordination skills, memory and learning, and executive functioning. Evaluation of behavioral symptoms is completed as well. Through a comprehensive evaluation, it is possible to identify an individual pattern of strengths and weaknesses, and possible diagnoses of learning and attention problems, that are consistent with presenting concerns and inform recommendations for intervention.

How long does it take to get LEARN Clinic evaluation results?

Clients typically receive feedback about their testing three to four weeks after testing is completed. At the feedback session, clients typically receive an initial draft of recommendations. The comprehensive evaluation report is typically finalized within two weeks following the feedback session and is mailed to the client along with final billing information and a voluntary satisfaction survey.

Can the LEARN Clinic help with questions about previous testing or the need for re-evaluation?

We can provide consultation for clients who have questions about their previous testing and/or their need for re-evaluation. We can also help clients who need to clarify presenting concerns and determine how to best address them. Finally, we can help clients understand when re-evaluation might be needed.

How much does an evaluation cost?

The cost of a LEARN Clinic evaluation is based on the number of hours of service provided, although there are a few exceptions where a flat fee is charged (e.g., Brief ADHD Evaluations). We have a graduated fee scale which is based on income. Please review the table presented below to understand our fee structure. See our list of services provided to better understand estimated costs for different types of evaluations. Estimated cost ranges are not to be considered binding quotes.

2019 Learn Clinic Fees
Hourly Rate* Required Payments** Estimated Total Cost
Regular Rate = $230/hr

Low Fee 1 = $115/hr

Low Fee 2 = $47/hr


*Low Fee rates are available on a limited basis, and a Low Fee application must be submitted and approved by the Clinic Manager prior to the first appointment. To inquire about a Low Fee evaluation, contact the LEARN Clinic Intake Coordinator at (206)543-6511.

** Payments are due at the intake & second testing sessions. The remaining balanced is billed after the completion of the final report.

Is the testing covered by insurance?

The LEARN Clinic does not bill insurance companies, and we do not have preferred provider status with any insurance companies. If your insurance covers evaluation services and you would like to file a claim with your insurance company, we would be happy to provide you with a statement of services rendered that you may include with the claim. However, we cannot take responsibility for what your health insurance will or will not cover. You must clearly understand and agree that all services rendered to you are charged directly to you and that you are personally responsible for payment. IQ assessments and Kindergarten Readiness testing are typically considered elective and not covered by insurance carriers.
It is important for you to know what your insurance will cover as a consumer. Please call your insurance company to determine exactly what coverage you have BEFORE your first appointment. Ask what deductible, if any, applies to your policy. Then ask how much of your claim your insurance company will pay. It is important for you to know what to expect in advance from your insurance carrier. Service codes that are typically used are 90791, 96136/7, 96138/9, and 96130/1.

Does the LEARN Clinic have a sliding fee scale for low-income families?

Yes, the LEARN Clinic can provide services to a limited number of families at a reduced rate, based on financial need. If you feel you might qualify for a reduced fee, you can request a Low Fee Application from the LEARN Clinic Intake Coordinator, or you can call the LEARN Clinic at (206)543-6511. If you are planning to submit a completed Low Fee Application, please contact the Intake Coordinator by phone first so that we can be sure that a LEARN Clinic evaluation is the appropriate way to address your presenting concerns. Once you have spoken to the Intake Coordinator, your application will be reviewed by the Clinic Manager. You will be informed about your eligibility for a reduced rate BEFORE any appointments are scheduled.