DBT Clinic Services

DBT is a comprehensive treatment that is comprised of 4 modes. Each of these modes meets a specific function to help clients move toward their goals. Comprehensive DBT involves individual therapy sessions, group skills training, between sessions coaching, and therapists working together on a consultation team.

Our skills groups and individual therapists are currently at capacity and we are not currently screening new clients.  Please see our Seattle Area DBT Referral list for other DBT providers in the area. We welcome your questions at DBTClinic@uw.edu.

Individual Therapy

Clients will work with their individual therapists to identify specific goals for treatment. The client and the therapist will then identify the steps to get to those goals and the skills that will be needed to help the client take those steps. Our standard individual sessions are 50-minute sessions. Adjustments may be made by your primary therapist as part of your individual treatment plan.

There are currently no therapists taking individual therapy clients. This website will be updated when individual therapy services are available.

Group Skills Training

All individuals use skills to help them achieve their goals in life. Not everyone has had the same opportunities to learn, practice, or be reinforced for the skills needed to build a life experienced as worth living. DBT skills training teaches clients Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness skills in the hopes of providing the tools that they need to work with their individual therapist to build a life they experience as worth living.

DBT skills training groups through our clinic will run for 2 hours, this will include one 10-minute break at the midpoint. All clients enrolled in DBT skills training group must have an individual therapist serving as their primary therapist. We do have a process by which we can allow clients with individual therapists outside of the MML DBT clinic to participate in our DBT skills training groups. Please inquire with our intake coordinator for more information.

Our skills groups are currently at capacity and we are not currently screening new clients. This website will be updated when our availability changes.