Services and Fees


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The Psychological Services and Training Center (the Clinic) provides psychotherapy and other psychological services to residents of the Seattle metropolitan area. Staff Therapists work with people of all ages who are experiencing psychological distress. We see children and adolescents with a wide variety of problems, ranging from behavioral difficulties in school or at home, to sadness and low self-esteem. We also see adults experiencing such problems as anxiety, depression, and family and relationship difficulties. In addition, we currently offer special services for those needing substance use evaluations, and learning disability assessment and intervention. In general, we serve those whose situations do not require hospital or medical care.

To learn more about our services or speak with Intake staff during clinic hours call (206) 543-6511


In the Clinic, psychotherapy fees are determined according to the Clinic's two-tiered fee scale and are based upon the client's gross annual income. For psychotherapy intakes, all clients pay a fee which includes an intake interview and initial psychological testing. We are committed to providing services to those who are currently underserved such as ethnic minorities and the economically disadvantaged.