Services Provided at the LEARN Clinic

Comprehensive Evaluations

Are recommended when there are concerns regarding complex learning and attention problems, and a thorough understanding of an individual's strengths and weaknesses is needed to inform individualized recommendations. We always recommend a comprehensive evaluation for children and adolescents.

A Comprehensive Evaluation includes an initial interview (2 hours) to discuss presenting concerns and gather a detailed history. Testing is completed over 2 separate days. On each day, testing lasts 3-4 hours (with an hour long lunch break midway through). A detailed feedback session (2 hours) is scheduled approximately three weeks after testing is completed to provide results, impressions, and individualized recommendations. Clients are provided later with complete written documentation of their evaluation.

Testing involves administration of measures assessing a variety of domains (e.g., intellectual functioning, academic achievement, language skills, visual-perceptual skills, motor-planning skills, learning and recall, executive functioning, emotional/behavioral symptoms) that are relevant to the presenting concerns identified during the initial interview. Behavioral questionnaires are also completed, including self-reports, and often by others who have had the opportunity to observe the client (e.g., parents, teachers, friends, spouses, co-workers).

A Comprehensive Evaluation is estimated to cost between $3700- $4500, and is based on a rate of $230/hour. Payments of $1300 are required at the initial intake session and 2nd testing session.

Brief ADHD Evaluations

Are recommended when an adult client wants to determine if s/he meets criteria for a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is a diagnostic evaluation and does not provide information about individual strengths and weaknesses, or about specific learning disorders.

A Brief ADHD Evaluation involves a thorough initial interview (2 hours) and administration of behavioral questionnaire measures to be completed by the client and by others who know the client well enough to comment on his/her symptoms (e.g., friend, spouse, parent, co-worker or supervisor). After clients return completed questionnaires, an hour long feedback session is scheduled. Clients are provided with diagnostic impressions and standard recommendations about managing symptoms. Results are documented in a brief report.

Brief ADHD Evaluations are offered through the LEARN Clinic.

  • Evaluations are conducted or supervised by the LEARN Clinic Director. There will often be advanced clinical graduate students involved in these evaluations as well.

A Brief ADHD evaluation is estimated to cost between $2000-$2400 and is based on a rate of $230/hour. Payments of $950 are required at the initial intake and 2nd testing session.

Focused Evaluations

Are recommended when a client has been evaluated previously and there is a need to clarify or update understanding of a specific problem. A Focused Evaluation may also be appropriate when an adult client is concerned about ADHD symptoms and wishes to obtain information about individual strengths/weaknesses in addition to diagnostic impressions. It is important for clients to discuss specific needs with regard to qualifying for accommodations or other services with the LEARN Clinic Intake Coordinator during the planning stages because a focused evaluation may not satisfy some of these requirements.

Focused Evaluations are similar in structure to the Comprehensive Evaluation, but involve only one testing day.

A Focused Evaluation is estimated to cost between $2000-$2400, and is based on a rate of $230/hour. Payments of $950 are required at the initial intake and 2nd testing session.


Consultation/Records Review

For clients who have concerns but are not certain of what type of evaluation they might need, a record review/consultation with the Director, Dr. Julie Quamma, may be appropriate. This may be the case, for example, when clients have had testing previously and are not sure if/when an update might be important, or when there has been recent testing, but the feedback was unclear and/or concerns remain. If the consultation results in a recommendation for a more in-depth LEARN Clinic evaluation, time for gathering additional information and/or testing appointments would be scheduled at that point. The Director will make a specific action plan with the client before the conclusion of the consultation appointment.

Consultation appointments are billed at our hourly rate of $230/hour. There is no charge for the Director to review previous testing beforehand (unless there are a very large number of documents involved). Additional services, including scoring of behavioral measures and generating any written report or documentation, will also be billed at our hourly rate.

IQ Testing and Giftedness Evaluations

When there is a need to assess for intellectual giftedness (in the absence of any concerns about learning difficulties or social/emotional/behavioral difficulties), the LEARN Clinic offers an evaluation that includes an initial interview to gather relevant background information, the administration and scoring of the IQ test (and other tests as needed), a brief feedback session, and a brief written report. If clients are requesting this testing for school placement, it is important that they can discuss with the LEARN Clinic Director the specific requirements for the school(s) involved. There may be other reasons for clients to request IQ testing, and each referral will be evaluated individually to determine if this kind of testing is appropriate. If there are questions about giftedness along with concerns about academic achievement and/or social/emotional/behavioral adjustment, a comprehensive evaluation is recommended.

Costs for this service generally range from $900-$1700 and are based on number of service hours.

Kindergarten Readiness Evaluations

The LEARN Clinic can provide evaluation of a young child's readiness for kindergarten. Parents are asked to be clear about the specific school requirements for this evaluation, as schools may differ regarding tests they require. This evaluation involves an initial intake session and, typically, testing can be completed in one session of approximately three hours (rather than the typical two testing sessions). This will be followed by a brief feedback session and generation of a written report documenting the evaluation results.

Costs for this service generally range from $1700-$2300 and are based on the number of service hours.

Developmental Delay

Referrals where the main question involves investigating problems involving developmental delay will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Many referrals of this type will be best served at a clinic with a multidisciplinary team that specializes in working with children with developmental disorders, such as the Center on Human Development and Disability (CHDD) at the University of Washington. If the referral is appropriate for the LEARN Clinic, a Comprehensive Evaluation would be required (see above).

Behavioral Adjustment Problems

The LEARN Clinic may provide consultation around behavioral adjustment problems. This type of referral is particularly appropriate when there are learning problems involved. If not, it may be more efficient for families to be provided with a referral for a professional who can evaluate the behavioral concerns AND provide intervention. Referrals of this nature will be considered on a case-by-case basis.