Services Provided at the LEARN Clinic

Comprehensive Evaluation

Recommended for concerns related to complex learning and attention problems when a deep understanding of strengths and weaknesses is needed to inform individualized recommendations.  Testing involves assessment across several domains (e.g., intellectual functioning, academic achievement, language skills, visual-perceptual skills, motor-planning skills, learning and recall, executive functioning, emotional/behavioral symptoms) related to the presenting concerns identified during the Initial Interview. Behavioral questionnaires are also completed, including self-report measures, and reporting by others (e.g., parents, teachers, friends, spouses, co-workers). Several sessions are involved (see below) and a detailed evaluation report is provided at the conclusion of the evaluation. 

  • Initial Interview Session (2 hours) 

  • Testing Sessions (2 separate days/4 hours each day, plus an hour-long lunch break)  

  • Feedback Session (2 hours/scheduled approximately 3 weeks after testing is completed) - a detailed written report is sent following this feedback session. 

ADHD Diagnostic Evaluation

Recommended for adults (over age 18) experiencing challenges that may be consistent with a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is a diagnostic evaluation and does not provide information about individual strengths and weaknesses, or about specific learning disorders. It involves an Initial Interview Session (2 hours) and completion of behavioral questionnaire measures (self-report and reporting by others, such as a friend, spouse, parent, co-worker or supervisor.  After completed questionnaires have been returned, a Feedback Session (1 hour) is scheduled. Clients are provided with diagnostic impressions and standard recommendations about managing symptoms. Results are documented in an evaluation report. 

Focused Evaluation

Recommended to clarify or update understanding of a specific and/or narrowly defined area of concern.  There may have been some previous evaluation providing information to build upon.  A Focused Evaluation may also be appropriate for adults who are concerned about ADHD symptoms and wish to better understand individual strengths/weaknesses in addition to diagnostic impressions. When considering a Focused Evaluation, it is important to discuss specific needs (e.g., qualifying for accommodations or other services) with the LEARN Clinic Intake Coordinator during the planning stages to ensure that they can be adequately addressed in this format. Focused Evaluations are similar in structure to the Comprehensive Evaluation but involve less testing time. 

Consultation/Records Review

Recommended when the type of evaluation needed is not yet clear.  A Consultation/Records Review may be useful when there is previous testing and the need for an updated evaluation is unclear and/or additional consultation and feedback is needed to clarify results and/or recommendations from previous testing or when concerns remain.  Consultation appointments are billed at our hourly rate of $230/hour.  Additional services, including scoring of behavioral measures and generating any written report or documentation, are billed at our hourly rate as well. 

Giftedness Evaluation

Recommended for assessment of intellectual giftedness (in the absence of any concerns about learning difficulties or social/emotional/behavioral difficulties), often in the context of establishing appropriateness of educational programming.  This type of evaluation includes an Initial Interview Session to gather relevant background information, one Testing Session, a Feedback Session, and a brief written report. If program placement is involved, it is important to discuss specific requirements for the school(s) involved with the LEARN Clinic Intake Coordinator during the screening process. If there are questions about giftedness along with concerns about academic achievement and/or social/emotional/behavioral adjustment, a Comprehensive Evaluation is recommended. 

Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation

The LEARN Clinic can provide evaluation of a young child's readiness for kindergarten. Parents are asked to be clear about the specific school requirements for this evaluation, as schools may differ regarding tests they require. This evaluation involves an Initial Intake Session and, typically, one Testing Session, followed by a Feedback Session and generation of a written report documenting the evaluation results. 

Evaluation of Developmental Delays

Referrals where the main question involves investigating problems involving developmental delay will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Many referrals of this type are best addressed at a clinic with a multidisciplinary team that specializes in working with children with developmental disorders, such as the Center on Human Development and Disability (CHDD) at the University of Washington. If the referral is appropriate for the LEARN Clinic, a Comprehensive Evaluation would be required (see above). 

Evaluation of Behavioral Adjustment Problems

The LEARN Clinic may provide consultation about behavioral adjustment problems. This type of referral is most appropriate when there are learning problems involved. However, it may be more efficient for families to be provided with a referral for a professional who can evaluate the behavioral concerns AND provide intervention before assessment of learning problems is attempted.  Referrals of this nature will be considered on a case-by-case basis.