To learn more about our services or speak with Intake staff during clinic hours call (206) 543-6511

How do I sign up for counseling?

Contact the Clinic at 206.543.6511 and ask to speak with an intake worker reguarding therapy.

Who will my therapist be?

In the Clinic, therapists are graduate students in the University of Washington doctoral program in clinical or child clinical psychology. Graduate students provide the therapy under the supervision of licensed practitioners in the community, typically licensed psychologists. Once assigned a therapist, clients typically remain with that therapist for the duration of the therapy.

How much does it cost?

Fees for psychotherapy are determined by the client's income and the Clinic's two-tiered fee scale. Sessions are either $45 or $58 for a 50-minute hour. For the initial intake, all clients pay a flat fee, which includes the initial intake interview and psychological testing used in treatment planning.

Does the Clinic accept insurance?

The Clinic does not currently bill insurance. Insurance does not typically cover psychotherapy and assessment services provided by graduate students. If you are a UW student and would like to use your UW health insurance, you can contact the Student Counseling Center or the Hall Health Mental Health Clinic. If you have further questions about insurance, please contact the Clinic financial manager, Amanda Patrick at 206.543.6511.

How many sessions can I have?

There is no limit on the number of psychotherapy sessions you may have through the Clinic. Clients are seen for either brief or long term psychotherapy depending on their needs.