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A Fall Welcome from the Diversity Steering Committee

The Diversity Steering Committee (DSC) has new leadership for the 2015-2016 academic year. Starting this past summer, Arianne (Ari) Eason and Sarah Edmunds, fourth year graduate students in the social/developmental and child clinical areas, respectively, became the new DSC co-chairs. Our previous fearless and capable co-chairs, Joyce Yang and Teri Kirby, have taken their next steps in academia.  Joyce is currently working on her dissertation in Shanghai, China, and is applying for a clinical internship. Teri has graduated with her Ph.D. and is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Exeter. Congratulations to Joyce and Teri!

This autumn quarter, we welcomed some new graduate student members! The DSC recruited new members by presenting at New Student Orientation, describing last year’s efforts and encouraging new ideas. New members this year include: first year students, Adriana GermanoDannielle WhileyDaniel Kort, and Eric Gomez; second year student, Frances Aunon; third year student, Linda Zou, and sixth year student, Nicole Stettler.

We had our first DSC meeting of the year! We are very excited to share our plans for scenario and discussion-based training sessions designed to increase awareness of diversity among both students and faculty, and to create inclusive environments both within and outside of the department! More details will be announced soon. The DSC also spent time considering how to make the criteria for obtaining the Department’s Diversity Specialization both clear and transparent for prospective applicants. A subcommittee was selected to make these revisions and revamp the website, which will also help the general public better understand what it means to earn the diversity specialization!

The DSC looks forward to supporting graduate students in exploring diversity science in their coursework, research, teaching, and other domains of engagement within and outside the UW.  Please contact us at

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