Newsletter Article

Graduate Accomplishments

Autumn 2014

Teri Kirby (Social Psychology & Personality with Tony Greenwald and Cheryl Kaiser) was approved for the Diversity Science Specialization, which is no surprise since Teri  has been active in diversity research and is co-chair to our Diversity Steering Comittee. She has been previously featured for her NSF-supported research here. Congrats, Teri!

Two students completed their general exams and advanced to candidacy during Autumn 2014 quarter. Congratulations to Nicole Stettler (Child Clinical with Lynn Fainsilber Katz) and Kayla Upshaw  (Developmental with Jessica Sommerville)!

Four students earned a Master's degree and we look forward to them continuing towards the Ph.D.: Liz Bird (Adult Clinical with William George), Sarah Faegre (Animal Behavior with Renee Ha), Natalia Garcia (Adult Clinical with Lori Zoellner), Carol Xu   (Animal Behavior with Renee Ha).

Heather Gary (Developmental with Peter Kahn, Jr.) graduated with a Ph.D. after successfully defending her dissertation, "Adults' attributions of psychological agency, credit, and fairness to a humanoid social robot." Heather is working at Youtube.

Winter 2015

Laura Brady   (Social Psychology & Personality with Cheryl Kaiser) earned BOTH the Quantitative Minor and Diversity Science Specialization this quarter. Wow! Laura has been featured in our newsletter for her NSF-funded research.

Several students completed their general exams and advanced to candidacy in Winter. A huge congratulations to Laura Brady (Social Psychology & Personality with  Cheryl Kaiser), Sarah Faegre (Animal Behavior with Renee Ha), Libby Marks (Adult Clinical with Lori Zoellner), Jenn Staples (Adult Clinical with William George), Helen Valenstein-Mah (Adult Clinical with Mary Larimer), Emma Wampler (Cognition & Perception with Lee Osterhout), and Carol Xu (Animal Behavior with Renee Ha).

The Psychology Department awarded Master of Science (MS) degrees to Sarah Edmunds (Child Clinical with Wendy Stone), Kyrill Gurtovenko (Child Clinical with Lynn Fainsilber Katz), Melanie Klein (Child Clinical with Liliana Lengua), Connor McCabe (Child Clinical with Kevin King), Sujean Oh (Behavioral Neuroscience with Sheri Mizumori), Frank Schwebel (Adult Clinical with Ronald Smith), Vasundhara Sridharan (Social Psychology & Personality with Yuichi Shoda), and Sianna Zielger (Social Psychology & Personality with Sapna Cheryan). Students who complete the optional masters are eligible to attend the campus-wide commencement ceremony in the spring.

Spring 2015

Ashley Ruba (Developmental with Betty Repacholi) won the "Best Poster Award" at the Society for Affective Science 2015 Annual Conference.

Jose Ceballos (Cognition & Perception with Chantel Prat) and Linda Zou (Social Psychology & Personality with Sapna Cheryan) recently received National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships! Jose was highlighted in a recent article for his McNair fellowship-supported research on language. Linda's research profile is in this issue of our newsletter.

Charlotte Heleniak (Child Clinical with Katie McLaughlin) received a Doris Duke Fellowship for the Promotion of Child Well-Being, our first ever! We profiled her research in light of this new award and you can read about it here.

Eight clinical graduate students were matched to internship sites for the upcoming year. The internship sites vary from Veterans Affairs offices in Seattle and Pittsburgh, to New Mexico, UCLA, and Harvard! Best wishes to Jessica Chen (Adult Clinical with Ronald Smith), Hollie Granato (Adult Clinical with William George), Alissa Jerud (Adult Clinical with Lori Zoellner), Joy Kawamura (Child Clinical with Lynn Fainsilber Katz), Lyndsey Moran (Child Clinical with Liliana Lengua), Karen Pang  (Child Clinical with Elizabeth McCauley (Seattle Children's Hospital) and Lynn Fainsilber Katz), Andy Paves (Adult Clinical with Mary Larimer), and Stephanie Thompson (Child Clinical with Liliana Lengua)!

More Spring quarter milestones will be covered in our Winter 2015 issue. Please stay tuned!