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Your contributions are very much appreciated as they have provided tremendous and exciting support for our students and many new department initiatives.


Individual Donors

Nadine Anderson, Ph.D. | Ms. June Argyle | Dr. Clark Dixon Ashworth & Ms. Elissa Dyson | Dr. Cynthia & Mr. Robert Berg | Dr. Richard & Mrs. Deborah Berger | Mr. Brian Biancu | Mrs. Agnes & Lieutenant Colonel David Borbely| Mr. Jim Bosler | Mrs. Diana & Mr. Kevin Boyle | Ms. Gail & Mr. Jeffrey Bromberg | Mr. William Budd & Ms. Martha Bishop | Ms. Brittini Callies | Mr. James & Mrs. Lynn Carlsen | Mrs. Marie Claudio-Diaz & Professor Jaime Diaz | Ms. Kim Ducote | Mr. David Dun | Dr. Byron Fujita | Ms. Priscilla Hagan | Ms. Lina & Mr. Jason Hannigan | Mrs. Joy & Mr. James Hereford | Dr. Carl & Mrs. Lynn Higuchi | Ms. Margaret Hix | Ms. Kathryn Irish | Mrs. Deborah & Mr. Scott Johnson | Laura Kray, Ph.D. | Ms. Jennifer Lamb-Green & Mr. Philip Green | Marilyn Lindsey, Ph.D. | Mrs. Kathleen & Mr. Geoffrey Lowney | Dr. Michael & Mrs. Laureen Matsushima II | Mr. Bruce Mehler | Dr. Hope Morano | Mr. & Mrs. Kirby Nave | Mr. Jan Nordmo | Mr. Michael Norton | Ms. Vicki Parker | Mr. James Picicci | Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Renee Shiraishi | Mr. Randall Shiraishi | Dr. David Shorr | Patricia Showell, M.D. | Mr. David Siphron | Mr. Michael Staszak | Dr. Leslie Stein | Martin Stern, Ph.D. | Cheryl Wade, Ph.D. | Dr. David & Mrs. Shauna Weight | Rebecca Wong, Ph.D.


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CB Whyte Realty, Inc.


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Estate of Allen L. Edwards | The Family of Malika | In memory of Professor G. Alan Marlatt