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Highlights from the Diversity Steering Committee

This year the Diversity Steering Committee (DSC) pushed forward several new projects and initiatives. Here are two highlights.

Biannual Diversity Climate Survey data presented to faculty 

During a faculty meeting this year DSC members (Linda Zou and Adriana Germano both from the Social Psychology and Personality Area with Sapna Cheryan) presented findings from the 2018 Biannual Diversity Climate Survey. Linda and Adriana shared results regarding students’ experiences within the department (positive and negative) relating to diversity as well as research-based solutions for improvement. We plan to continue this tradition with a launch of a third version of a new diversity climate survey in Spring 2020.

Diversity Science Speaker Series

This year the DSC launched a new Diversity Science Speaker Series. Our inaugural speaker was Dr. Valerie Purdie Greenaway. Dr. Purdie Greenaway presented the talk, What does it mean to build an inclusive environment for historically marginalized groups?, where she spoke on increasing diversity and inclusion for marginalized student groups. The talk was a huge hit! We plan to continue this speaker series in the upcoming years. Stay tuned for our next speaker!

New Leadership

We also sadly report that Adriana Germano’s time as a DSC co-chair is coming to an end this year. We continue to look forward to seeing what DSC can achieve under the continued leadership of Terrence Pope (Social Psychology and Personality Area with Sapna Cheryan) and our incoming graduate co-chair.

The DSC looks forward to supporting graduate students in exploring diversity science in their coursework, research, teaching, and other domains of engagement within and outside the UW.  Please contact us at for more information.

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