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Graduate Accomplishments

Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015 quarter concluded with a number of accomplishments and milestones by our graduate students. 

We had five students pass their general exams and advance to candidate status. Congratulations to Adrian Andelin (Behavioral Neuroscience with Jaime Olavarria), Tanner DeLawyer (Behavioral Neuroscience with Steve Buck), Carly Loyer (Animal Behavior with Renee Ha), Vasundhara Sridharan (Social Psychology and Personality with Yuichi Shoda), and Kristine Thimm-Louie (Child Clinical with Kevin King). 

Linda Zou Joyce Yang

Linda Zou (Social Psychology and Personality with Yuichi Shoda), completed a Master's degree. Linda was previously featured for her NSF research on race relations in the United States

Joyce Yang (Adult Clinical with Jane Simoni), completed our Diversity Science Specialization. Joyce had formerly served as graduate student co-chair to our Diversity Steering Committee and also the subject of a research highlight on her NRSA-funded work on HIV+ stigma in China. Check out her thoughts on integrating the specialization into her clinical training, along with other updates and news from the Diversity Steering Committee, by clicking here.

Four students graduated with their PhDs. Bjorn Hubert-Wallander (Cognition and Perception with Geoff Boynton), successfully defended his dissertation and is currently working at Uber in the Bay Area. Bjorn was previously featured for his NSF-supported research on visual perceptionJanie Jun (Adult Clinical with Lori Zoellner), has graduated and now holds a postdoctoral fellowship at the VA Boston Healthcare System. Kerry Spalding (Social Psychology and Personality with Cheryl Kaiser), continues as a User Experience Researcher with Microsoft while Solace Shen (Developmental with Peter Kahn), is at Cornell University on a postdoctoral fellowship. 

Winter 2016

lizzykarp_120 julieharrison_120
Lizzy Karp Julie Harrison

Congratulations to Lizzy Karp (Child Clinical with Wendy Stone), who just received a grant from the ARC of Washington Trust Fund for her work: Factors contributing to parents’ fidelity in implementing intervention with toddlers at risk for ASD

Congratulations to Julie Harrison (Child Clinical with Shannon Dorsey), who just received a grant from the National Institutes of Health for her work on employee turnover in the public mental health system. Learn more about Julie and her research by checking out our other graduate articles in this newsletter.

Two students completed their general exams and attained doctoral candidacy, James Rae (Social Psychology and Personality with Kristina Olson), and Jason Webster (Cognition and Perception with Ione Fine). 

Jacquie Pospisil (Developmental with Jessica Sommerville), completed her Master of Arts, First impressions during infancy: The impact of counter-information.

A number of students completed our optional certificates. Andy Paves (Adult Clinical with Mary Larimer), and Haley Carroll (Adult Clinical with Mary Larimer), both completed the Diversity Science Specialization while Alicia Yiqin Shen (Social Psychology and Personality with Yuichi Shoda), and Sarah Edmunds (Child Clinical with Wendy Stone), finished the Quantitative Minor. These certificate programs were created to expand our students' training and are only available to currently enrolled Psychology graduate students. To date, we have awarded 19 Quantitative Minors and 17 Diversity Science Specializations. 

Two students graduated with their PhDs in winter, Anton Exu Mates (Animal Behavior with Jim Ha), and Libby Huber (Cognition and Perception with Ione Fine). We wish them both well!

Spring 2016

The Hunt fellowship was set up by a Earl Buz Hunt and his wife Marylou. It supports graduate students on their independent research not covered by their advisors funding. This year, Blake Pellman (Behavioral Neuroscience with Jeansok Kim), and Laura Brady (Social Psychology and Personality with Yuichi Shoda), have been selected as Hunt Fellows. Laura was previously featured for her NSF-supported research on discrimination and racism. Professor Hunt recently passed away and we were able to contact past recipients of his fellowship for their thoughts and words on their experience being supported by the Hunt Dissertation Fellowship.

Alicia Yiqin Shen (Social Psychology and Personality with Yuichi Shoda), was selected to participate in the eScience Institute Data Science for Social Good summer program. The program brings together data and domain scientists to work on focused, collaborative projects that are designed to impact public policy for social benefit.

Katy Fladeboe

Katy Fladeboe (Developmental with Lynn Fainsilber Katz), Lizzy Karp (Child Clinical with Wendy Stone), and Alicia Yiqin Shen (Social Psychology and Personality with Yuichi Shoda) were awarded ALCOR summer fellowships. The ALCOR award was set up by Harry and Claire Garlick Peterson to the College of Arts and Sciences to support students in Psychology and Symphonic Music programs.

The Psychology Department created the Psychology Department Scholars award program to provide summer support to incoming graduate students (as part of recruitment), and to outstanding continuing students. In summer 2016, our five scholars are: Karen Chang (Social Psychology and Personality with Yuichi Shoda), Sarah Edmunds (Child Clinical with Wendy Stone), Prerna Martin (Child Clinical with Shannon Dorsey), Lindsey Nietmann (Animal Behavior with Renee Ha), and Jennifer Stapes (Adult Clinical with Bill George).

Eric Gomez

Eric Gomez (Social Psychology and Personality with Cheryl Kaiser), was recently awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship. Eric is a first year student who is also supported by the GO-MAP Presidential Fellowship which provides support for his first and dissertation years of study. Read more about our latest graduate student here!

Ashley Ruba (Developmental with Betty Repacholi), received an Honorable Mention for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).

Ashwin Bhandiwad

Brianna Yamasaki (Cognition and Perception with Chantel Prat), received a GO-MAP Dissertation Stroum Fellowship. The Stroum supports her during her final/dissertation year of our graduate program, which will be 2016-2017. Thank you to the GO-MAP office! We will be featuring Brianna in our winter issue, but in the meantime, read about Ashwin Bhandiwad's (Animal Behavior with Joseph Sisneros), experience while on the Stroum this academic year.

We have many more accomplishments to share with you once the quarter is over. Please visit us again in winter for the next newsletter!