Jacquie Spector is the faculty director of the Psychology Writing Center. She:

  • recruits, trains, and supervises graduate writing assistants
  • oversees student use of the writing center
  • gives lectures and workshops on scientific writing
  • assists with designing and evaluating writing assignments
  • documents writing usage in UW undergraduate psychology courses
  • consults on writing in the UW undergraduate psychology curriculum

Graduate Tutors

Tutors are graduate students in psychology who are experienced and motivated teachers with strong scientific writing skills. They:

  • advise on general writing practices (e.g. organization, targeting key messages)
  • advise on guidelines and rationales for scientific writing (e.g. presenting an argument and supporting it with evidence, documenting evidence, using lean writing and appropriate style conventions)
  • document writing center use (students and courses served) and conduct satisfaction surveys to identify areas of greatest need and how to improve our services.