Writing Center Appointments

Schedule a Virtual Appointment

***Please note that you must be logged into your UW netID to be able to book an appointment.

Location and Hours

This quarter all tutoring sessions will be held virtually via Zoom. Please see the schedule for Zoom addresses.

Each tutors weekly bookable hours are located below, but exact hours are subject to change due to tutor schedules. Please check the booking calendar regularly or email for more information.

Winter 2024 Tutor Schedule

Appointments (30 Minutes)

  • Schedule appointments online (link at top of page).
  • Drop-ins are welcome if the tutor is available.
  • Students often cancel appointments. Keep checking online or stop in.

Scheduling Guidelines

  • Limit scheduled appointments to one per day and two per week.
  • Course papers receive priority over other writing projects.
  • Please cancel appointments in advance as a courtesy to other students (click here to cancel).
  • We offer one scheduled appointment for graduate school essays (for help with resumes, contact the UW Career Center).
  • We can sometimes answer short questions by email, but please come in for detailed advice.

When You Come In

  • Be ready to write: have either a draft or a concrete idea about what you want to write.
  • Your draft can be incomplete. An outline or just one section of the paper is fine.
  • Short, early drafts often are more useful to work on than long or near-final papers.
  • We can help you to figure out where to start writing, and we'll focus on the parts most challenging to you.