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The Psychology Writing Center is in Guthrie Hall, Rooms 10B & 10D.

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Appointments (30 Minutes)

  • Schedule appointments online (link at top of page).
  • Drop-ins are welcome if the tutor is available.
  • Students often cancel appointments. Keep checking online or stop in.

Scheduling Guidelines

  • Limit scheduled appointments to one per day and two per week.
  • Course papers receive priority over other writing projects.
  • Please cancel appointments in advance as a courtesy to other students (click here to cancel).
  • We offer one scheduled appointment for graduate school essays. (For help with resumes, contact the UW Career Center.)
  • We can sometimes answer short questions by email, but please come in for detailed advice.

When You Come In

  • Be ready to write: have either a draft or a concrete idea about what you want to write.
  • Your draft can be incomplete. An outline or just one section of the paper is fine.
  • Short, early drafts often are more useful to work on than long or near-final papers.
  • We can help you to figure out where to start writing, and we'll focus on the parts most challenging to you.