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Welcome to the UW Psychology 2019 Cohort!

2019 Graduate Student Cohort
2019 Graduate Student Cohort

This past Autumn, 16 students began their doctoral studies in the University of Washington’s Psychology Department! Prior to joining the program, several of this group of students earned their undergraduate degrees from the UW and other institutions on the West Coast (UCLA, Pomona College, and Willamette University). Others in the cohort arrived at the UW from the East Coast (UPenn, UConn, Williams College, Colby College), the Midwest (Indiana University, Oberlin College, Ohio State, Northwestern, University of Minnesota, St. Olaf College, Notre Dame), and around the world (Yonsei University).

This promising group has already received several awards and fellowships, including University of Washington Top Scholar Awards, Psychology Department Scholar Awards, National Science Foundation Graduate Research fellowships, a Pigott Diversity Award, and a graduate student fellowship from Kuwait University.

Prior to the start of Fall Quarter, the 2019 cohort attended a blend of orientation events which included three days of a university-wide TA/RA orientation conference and three days of orientation specific to the Psychology Department. The departmental orientation was organized by this year’s lead TA, 5th year graduate student Melissa Gasser (Adult Clinical with Bill George and Mary Larimer). Highlights of the departmental orientation for students included meeting many department members including Jeanny Mai (Graduate Advisor), Cheryl Kaiser (Department Chair), and Sapna Cheryan (Director of Graduate Training), as well as research and teaching panels of faculty and current fellow psychology graduate students.  Students also enjoyed getting to know their cohort alongside other orientation events including presentations from university organizations and resources, such as UW Recycling and Hall Health Center Services.  

We are proud of the passion and accomplishments that they bring with them to the UW and look forward to seeing their future achievements!

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