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Faculty Awards

Sapna Cheryan Randy Kyes Jim Ha Renee Ha David Gire
Sapna Cheryan Randy Kyes Jim Ha Renee Ha David Gire

Associate prof. Sapna Cheryan has received numerous awards in 2017. In addition to the International Society for Self and Identity’s 2017 Outstanding Early Career Award, Cheryan has been named a Fellow in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, and a Fellow in the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. In 2016, she was appointed Lenore Annenberg and Wallis Annenberg Fellow in Communication at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University.

Prof. Randy Kyes received the "Kyes Award for Excellence in Educational Outreach" from the American Society of Primatologists - an award named for him as the inaugural recipient.

Emeritus research prof. Jim Ha and associate research prof. Renee Ha received the Continuing Education Outstanding Credit Program Award from the National University and Professional and Continuing Education Association for their Applied Animal Behavior certificate program.

Assistant prof. David Gire and his collaborator in France have been selected to receive a French/U.S. collaborative research award from the French Embassy and FACE Foundation. This is for their work on olfactory driven decision making in animals. The Thomas Jefferson Fund aims to foster forward-looking collaborative research in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and of Science for Society that addresses the most pressing global challenges.

Assistant prof. David Gire and his collaborator in the Biology Department, Bing Brunton, received the 2017 UW Innovation Award. This award supports innovative research that addresses problems of humanity. The title of their project is “Modulating complex natural behaviors in rodents with direct closed-loop control of neural systems”, and they plan to develop a novel method for understanding the integration of perception, decision making and memory during natural behaviors.


Joe Sisneros Tony Greenwald Mary Larimer Marsha Linehan Jane Simoni
Joe Sisneros Tony Greenwald Mary Larimer Marsha Linehan Jane Simoni 

Prof. Joe Sisneros was among 19 UW Latina and Latino Faculty recognized by the Latino Center for Health. The Latino Center for Health at UW hosted the inaugural Latinx Faculty Recognition Event on May 16, honoring the scholarly achievements of 19 Latina and Latino faculty across the tri-campuses of the University of Washington for 2016-2017. 

Prof. Tony Greenwald and his longtime collaborator Mahzarin Banaji were recipients of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology’s Scientific Impact Award for their 1995 Psych Review paper entitled, "Implicit Social Cognition: Attitudes, Self-Esteem, and Stereotypes." They will be honored at the 2017 SESP meeting to be held in Boston in October.

Prof. Mary Larimer was selected as the 2017 recipient of the Wayne J. Katon Outstanding Mentoring Award. This prestigious award was created to recognize faculty members in the UW Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences who demonstrate a sustained commitment to mentoring, and is awarded to one faculty member each year.

Prof. Marsha Linehan was awarded the 2017 Grawemeyer Award for Psychology. The Grawemeyer Award is given to individuals whose ideas substantially impact the field of psychology and that have significant impact on our understanding of the human mind.

Prof. Jane Simoni was named a Foreign Expert again in China, in association with Jiaotong's School of Nursing where she does clinical research at the Xianhua hospital.