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Celebrating Professor Emeritus Geoff Loftus

Geoff Loftus

On November 1st, the UW Psychology commemorated the career of Professor Emeritus Geoff Loftus, who retired this year after an impactful 45-year tenure with the University of Washington. Faculty, staff, students, and friends gathered for a sold-out lecture by Geoff and his Stanford University colleague Brian Wandell. Geoff’s Psychology colleagues Tony Greenwald, Andy Meltzoff, his former student Tom Busey, and more recounted their most memorable times working with Geoff over the years, including his incredible mentorship and commitment to making real-world change.

If you missed Geoff's lecture but would like to see a recording, please reach out to Jenny Whelan, Advancement & Outreach Officer, at

With a focus on visual perception, Geoff Loftus and his lab have made discoveries in the topics of face memory, eyewitness testimonial, and visual hindsight bias. But beyond the groundbreaking research, Geoff is proudest of the students he has taught and mentored over the years. He notes that his biggest accomplishment has been "mentoring and drawing inspiration from the many undergraduate and graduate students with whom I've worked, who are now out trying to make the world a better place".

Geoff Loftus