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Wagner Memorial Endowment Expands Opportunities for Grad Students

The Ned Wagner Memorial Endowment was established by clinical psychology faculty and alumni after the untimely passing of Dr. Nathaniel “Ned” Wagner, then the Director of Clinical Training (DCT). Ned played a pivotal role in developing the clinical psychology program into a premier one during his tenure as DCT between 1978 and his death in 1996. During that time, Ned created fund using moneys from his own speaking engagements to support clinical students’ travel to conventions. That spirit and function was kept alive in the Wagner Endowment. Since its establishment, hundreds of students have travelled to conferences to present their work, further their knowledge, and careers in academia, industry, and beyond.

Current students and alumni alike have reflected on the impact the support has had on their growth:

“Support from the Wagner grant allowed me to attend an APA Convention where I presented my work and made valuable contacts that greatly advanced my career. I will be forever grateful for that support, and for the role that Ned played in my training.”

“Our students are among the nation’s leaders in convention presentations, thanks in large part to the Wagner fund that supports our travel. Ned Wagner has left a wonderful legacy of student support.”

You too can help grow these travel opportunities that are so pivotal to the advancement of our students' education and careers by contributing to the Wagner Memorial Endowment. Thank you for your partnership.