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Endowed Student Scholarships and Fellowships at the UW Psychology Department

As 2016 comes to an end, we are including a new section to our newsletter: Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships. This section highlights the motivations behind the creation of our different funds as well as the groups of students they benefit. It is also an opportunity to share with donors, alumni, and friends what and who their gifts will support in the Department of Psychology.

If you have questions about donating or setting up your own fund, please contact Sarah Burdell.

Earl Hunt Graduate Fellowship Fund

Earl Busby (Buz) Hunt (January 8, 1933 – April 12, 2016)

Prof. Earl “Buz” Hunt was a member of our faculty for 50 years. Hired in 1966, Buz was a renown cognitive psychologist who made significant advances in our understanding of human and artificial intelligence. He was also very active in department and university administration including serving as Chair of the Department. Buz retired in 2001 but remained active within the Department as Professor Emeritus. The Earl Hunt Graduate Fellowship Fund supports graduate students in the Department of Psychology whose original, independent research extends beyond the domain of their faculty advisors. Buz and his wife Mary Lou created this fellowship in 2010. Since that time, the Earl Hunt Graduate Fellowship Fund has supported 14 students. The Department thanks the Hunt Family for their continued support of our students with this Fellowship Fund in Buz’s name. Read more about the students supported through this fellowship.

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Ned Wagner Memorial Endowment

This endowment was established in the early 1980s following the death of Nathaniel N. "Ned" Wagner, our Director of Clinical Training. It was funded initially with seed money from a departmental honorarium provided by the Western Psychological Association for hosting their 1979 convention in Seattle (Ned was the Convention Manager), and from a special bank account that Ned established and funded by contributing his own speakering fees for the support of graduate students.  Since his death, the Department has used the Ned Wagner fund to support graduate student travel to conferences where they are presenting their work, and it has funded hundreds of trips over the years. Currently, we are supporting five students each year. All gifts to this endowment will go toward increasing the ability to support our students.

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Aric Chandler Memorial Fund for Undergraduate Student Support

 Aric Joseph Chandler (May 27, 1994 - August 04, 2016)

On August 4, 2016, Aric Chandler passed away unexpectedly in his sleep from a fatal complication of epilepsy called Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy or SUDEP. He was registered to attend the University of Washington after receiving his Associate Degree at Bellevue College. Aric had planned to earn a degree from the Psychology Department that would enable him to pursue his dream of helping others. To honor his memory, Aric’s family and friends have set up the Aric Chandler Memorial Fund for Undergraduate Student Support. The endowment will benefit undergraduate transfer students in to the UW Department of Psychology from a Washington State two- or four-year colleges. Each year, the UW Department of Psychology welcomes approximately 140 transfer students from around the state. We thank Aric’s family and friends for their thoughtful gift. The UW Psychology Department looks forward to celebrating Aric’s legacy and helping others to fulfill their dreams in his honor. You can join Aric’s family and friends to complete Aric's life's work by clicking the link below.

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Ruth H. Hagenstein Endowed Scholarship

Ruth H. Hagenstein’s family set up an endowment to benefit undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing degrees in psychology and/or sociology. Ruth H. Hagenstein (Johnson) and William D. Hagenstein were both graduates of the University of Washington in 1938. Ruth's studies were in the School of Social Science with interests in the fields of psychology, sociology, and social work. She was a lifelong advocate and supporter for the needs of children. We thank the Hagenstein’s for their support of our undergraduates.

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UW Psychology support funds

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