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New Endowed Student Fellowship

The Fujita Family Fund for Graduate Student Support

Byron N. Fujita received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Washington in 1977. Committed to serving those in need, Byron worked in various capacities in the public sector providing services for substance abuse, corrections, and severely mentally ill clients. As part of a family of Huskies, Byron strongly valued his time at the forward-thinking University of Washington and has pledged his support to provide this same opportunity for students today. The Fujita Family Fund for Graduate Student Support will provide broad-based direct financial support to graduate students in the Clinical Psychology Program within the Department of Psychology. The UW Psychology Department thanks Byron and the Fujita family for their thoughtful gift and we look forward to honoring their commitment to public service through this fund. You can join the Fujita family in promoting this work: click here to make a contribution to the Fujita Family Fund for Graduate Student Support.