Cognition and Perception Requirements

Area Requirements

In addition to the Departmental course requirements, the Areas may add requirements. Following are the current requirements.

All Cognition and Perception students are required to take three among the following courses:

  • Psych 506 Core Concepts in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Psych 507 Core Concepts in Cognitive Psychology
  • Psych 508 Core Concepts in Perception
  • Psych 509 Core Concepts in Computational Cognitive and Neural Models
  • Psych 521 Core Concepts in Decision Making
  • Psych 527 Core Concepts in Cognitive Approaches to Human Memory

The Area also requires three additional courses selected to broaden and deepen your understanding of your research specialty. These courses should be chosen in consultation with your Advisor and Co- Advisor. They can be additional Core Concepts courses in any Area, or other courses chosen from anywhere on campus, within or outside the Psychology Department.

The following Out-of-Area Core Concepts courses may be particularly appropriate for Cognition / Perception students:

  • Psych 504 Core Concepts in Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Psych 510 Core Concepts in Social Psychology
  • Psych 514 Core Concepts in Cognitive and Linguistic Development
  • Psych 515 Core Concepts in Personality and Social Development

Seminars and Advanced Seminars:

  • Psych 555 Seminar in Cognition/Perception (1st yr students are required to take three quarters)

All Cognition/Perception students are strongly encouraged to participate in additional Seminars and Advanced Seminars, both within and outside their Area, throughout their graduate careers.

Please visit the UW Psychology Graduate Programs page for more information.