Behavioral Neuroscience Requirements

Area Requirements

In addition to the Departmental course requirements, the Areas may add requirements. Following are the current requirements.

All Behavioral Neuroscience students are required to take the following courses as follows:

All BNS students are required to take 8 courses, as follows: 

Four of the following courses (MANDATORY):

  • Psych 421 Neural Basis of Behavior (Fulfilled if comparable undergrad course has been taken and earned an “A”)
  • Psych 504 Core Concepts in Behavioral Neuroscience (1 Quarter)
  • Neuro 502 Introduction to Neurobiology: Sensory & Motor Systems
  • Neuro 503 Introduction to Neurobiology: Cognitive and Integrative Neuroscience

One of the following courses (MANDATORY):

  • Neuro 501 Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology (This course has been modified)
  • Conj 531 Biophysics of Nerve, Muscle & Synapse (This course has been modified and might be assigned as new course) 

Plus three additional Psychology courses selected from the following:

  • Psych 565 Quantifying Brain Structure

No more than one of the following undergraduate courses:

  • Psych 423 Sensory Basis of Behavior
  • Psych 426 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
  • Psych 427 Behavioral Endocrinology
  • Psych 430 Development of Brain Connection
  • OR courses in BIOLOGY, COMPUTER SCIENCE (etc) related to BNS (the student will need an approval by his/her advisor) 

One or more of the following courses:

  • Psych 502 Core Concepts in Animal Behavior
  • Psych 503 Core Concepts in Behavior Genetics
  • Psych 506 Core Concepts in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Psych 513 Core Concepts in Biological Basis of Development
  • OR other ‘related’ Psych and NeuB courses (pre approval required by the advisor)

Seminars and Advanced Seminars: Both Seminar in BNS (Psych 552A) and at least one Journal Club (e.g., Learning & Motivation, Auditory, etc; Psych 552B) are required every year, and strongly recommend every quarter until graduating. 

In addition, all BNS students are required to take at least one Advanced Seminar (usually 542, Advances in Behavioral Neuroscience), chosen in consultation with your Advisor and Co-Advisor.

All Behavioral Neuroscience students are strongly encouraged to participate in additional Seminars Advanced Seminars, both within and outside their Area, throughout their graduate careers.

Please visit the UW Psychology Graduate Programs page for more information.