Graduate Research

Area: Social & Personality
Advisor: Cynthia Levine
Bio: My research interests are broadly centered around the social, behavioral and health implications of diversity and inequality for both advantaged and disadvantaged groups. I am an active member of the DSC, with the goal of increasing diversity within the department, and creating more inclusive and equitable classroom environments. I also have also been working within the running and skiing communities to increase the representation of women in sports, as well as making these spaces more inclusive.
Area: Clinical (Child)
Advisor: Kevin King
Bio: I am interested in the relative contributions of contextual and personality factors in the development of emotion regulation. I've been working to enhance DEI in the classroom by implementing a regular DEI syllabus review process for graduate school syllabi. I am mixed-race and Native Hawaiian, and I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. When not working on becoming a psychologist, I spend my time watching basketball, playing guitar, and hanging out with my partner and my cat, Lilikoi.
Area: Social & Personality
Advisor: Cheryl Kaiser, Sapna Cheryan
Bio: I'm interested in studying social identity and bias, both from the perspective of the target as well as the perceiver. I’m currently working on a project to code the different ways in which Black and White Americans talk about police brutality and I’m starting a project on the intersection of race and gender in the criminal justice system. I want to take an intersectional lens in my research, looking at race, gender, sexuality, incarceration status, and generational status. I'm a member of the psychology Diversity Steering Committee and the Grad Student Union's Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) working group. I come from a mixed race family and I’m from south Florida. I love doing anything outdoors (hiking, kayaking), as well as spending time with my bulldog!
Area: Clinical (Child)
Advisor: Shannon Dorsey
Bio: My research interests involve leveraging implementation science to increase access to effective mental health treatment across the globe. I’m leading a study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to integrate theatre-based methods to train community mental health providers to discuss race and racism. The project is in collaboration with Ms. Jasmine Blanks Jones at the University of Pennsylvania, and it takes a community-based approach to work alongside stakeholders and clinicians in Washington’s community mental health system. I am committed to community-engaged approaches that center the perspectives of typically underserved and marginalized groups. I am co-chair of the DSC, where he is primarily involved with the DSC Climate Survey. In my free time, I enjoy running, baking, and playing with my pup, Oscar!
Area: Clinical (Adult)
Advisor: Mary Larimer
Bio: I study substance use and sexual behaviors through a lens of harm reduction and sex positivity. I hold a particular interest and focus on the sexual health and wellness of women and members of the LGBTQ+ communities. I am a member of the DSC, the graduate recruitment committee, and organize with our union, UAW 4121.
Area: Developmental
Advisor: Peter Kahn
Bio: My research investigates questions about inequities in access to nature and the effects of Covid-19. I am investigating the effects of Covid-19 on Girl Scouts' mental health and physical activity, and specifically whether their access to nature helps buffer against the effects of Covid-19. I will investigate whether there are inequities in access to nature across racial groups and incomes and whether those inequities are associated with mental health and physical activity. I've been spending the pandemic walking my dog a *lot* and am grateful he gets me out of my apartment and into nature regularly! I also love a good podcast, sewing, and trying new dinner recipes.
Area: Clinical (Adult)
Advisor: Corey Fagan
Bio: I am interested in research that can help us identify (and remove!) barriers to equitable access to mental health treatment, and how we can use Measurement Based Care (MBC) to promote better client outcomes across groups of people who hold different identities. My current work relates to MBC and how it can be used during clinician training to promote positive client outcomes. I am also a member of the DSC, and have been working with the URM recruitment committee.
Area: Clinical (Child)
Advisor: Liliana Lengua
Bio: I'm interested in promoting well-being and healthy outcomes for Black families across the perinatal period. My research explores how generational trauma impacts Black maternal health and how a mindfulness based intervention might shape infant development by supporting sensitive parenting. Within UW, I'm excited to be a member of the DSC working on diversifying the department at the undergrad, grad, and faculty levels and promoting equity and inclusion in classrooms through our syllabus review project. Outside of UW, I'm building relationships with Black birth workers, a community of folks actively fostering positive birth outcomes throughout Seattle. I have an adorable kitten named Kewpie who loves Zoom bombing and ankle biting.