Diversity Goals

The Department of Psychology aims to reach the following diversity goals:

  1. Attracting, retaining, and graduating a diverse undergraduate and graduate student body

    The Department is committed to creating a graduate and undergraduate student body representing members from diverse backgrounds. In order to do this, the Department commits to examining, and amending, our admissions practices in order to ensure that students of all backgrounds have equal opportunity of admission.

  2. Integrating diversity-related knowledge, skills, and modalities into learning experiences inside and outside the classroom

    The Department of Psychology is committed to providing students in the undergraduate major with an array of research experiences that further understanding of how prejudice and bias develop and change, discover new approaches that reveal implicit bias, inequalities, disparities, and understand the effect of bias and inequality on people and society.

  3. Attracting and retaining a diverse faculty and staff

    The Department of Psychology is committed fair and unbiased hiring practices for faculty and staff. The department will continue to examine best practices for retaining faculty of diverse backgrounds.

  4. Encouraging and supporting diversity-related research

    The Department of Psychology pledges to conduct and support research that promotes social equity.

  5. Supporting and maintaining a mechanism for organized action around diversity within the Department

    The Department of Psychology supports the activities of its Diversity Steering Committee, a group of both faculty and graduate student leaders that are committed to fostering a diverse climate, research on diversity, and active participation in department and community activities that further diversity-related causes.

  6. Creating and sustaining a welcoming climate and physical environment where people of all backgrounds feel welcome

    The Department of Psychology is committed to concrete actions that create an inclusive climate for diversity within all aspects of the department. The Diversity Steering Committee regularly assesses departmental climate by surveying the graduate students in the program biannually.