Please be aware that admission to the Psychology Department is competitive. Meeting the criteria listed below guarantees consideration, but not acceptance into the major. While the specific GPA cutoff may vary from quarter to quarter, a "competitive" cumulative psychology GPA is generally at or above a 3.20 (GPA is for Psych 101, 202 and 209).

You must first be enrolled at the UW and have completed all departmental admissions requirements. Applications must be submitted by 10:00 PM the second Friday of the quarter in which you apply. Students must meet the following minimum criteria.

  • Math 111, 120, or 124, or equivalent transfer course completed, or math placement into Math 124 or beyond (5 credits, minimum grade 2.0).
  • Psych 101, Introductory Psychology (5 credits, minimum grade 2.0).
  • Psych 202, Biopsychology (5 credits, minimum grade 2.0).
  • Psych 209, Fundamentals of Psychological Research (5 credits, minimum grade 2.0. Minimum grade of 2.5 required for Bachelor of Science students).
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative Psychology GPA for all courses completed from those psychology courses listed above.
  • Minimum 2.0 cumulative University of Washington GPA.

Admission is competitive. Meeting the above criteria does not guarantee admission to the department. The Admissions Committee reviews all applicants based on the following criteria:

  1. Preparation for a major in Psychology as indicated by the grades earned in courses required for application (Psych 101, 202 and 209. Note: if you have credit for Psych 101 from AP, your admissions GPA will be based on your grades in Psych 202 and 209 only). 
  2. Grade point average with an emphasis on psychology grades.

Application process: Note: Please let us know if you experience any problems by emailing Vicky Hansen at To complete the application, you will need to know your student number, number of credits completed, GPA, and grades in Psych 101, 202, 209, and math. If you attended any other college or university other than the UW, you will need to submit a PDF of your unofficial transcripts from the other schools. Please have this PDF ready at the time that you fill out the application. If you need technical assistance with this process, then please visit the Psychology Advising office.  We do not require essays as part of the application.

Application deadline: Applications are due by 10:00 PM on the second Friday of the quarter. If you miss this deadline, please contact a Psychology Adviser.  We will be accept applications every quarter. Students should be aware we accept a limited number of students into the major during the summer quarter, therefore it is a more competitive time to apply to the major.

If you are not confident that your application went through, please change your browser. The application works on Firefox and Exlporer.

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Students will receive an email notifying them of their acceptance to the major by email by the fourth week of the quarter, well before registration opens for the next quarter. If you have not heard about your status, please contact a Vicky Hansen at


Departmental policy regarding repeating admission courses:

  • Photo of library entranceStudents may repeat each class required for admission only once.
  • If a student repeats one (and only one) of the three Psychology courses required for admission (Psych 101 and 202 and 209), we will accept the better of the two grades for that course. If a student repeats more than one of the three courses, we will accept the better grade for ONE course and we will average the grades for the two attempts for other repeated courses.
  • For example, suppose that a student submits the following record:
    Psych 101, taken twice, 0.0 and 3.0
    Psych 202, taken twice, 1.5 and 2.5
    Psych 209, taken once, 2.5
  • Dropping one grade from Psych 101 helps the student most. The average Psychology admission GPA would be based on:
    Psych 101, 3.0
    Psych 202, 2.0 (average of 1.5 and 2.5 is 2.0)
    Psych 209, 2.5
  • Please note that the above are Psychology Department policies with regard to admission to the major. Grades in repeated courses that are "dropped" for the purpose of calculating our admission GPA are not dropped from the student's UW record, and will continue to be calculated in the cumulative UW GPA.