Psychology Undergraduate Mentoring Program

About us

The Psychology Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PUMP) aims to increase community and belonging for college students who are members of underrepresented groups, such as...

  • First-generation
  • International
  • Transfer students
  • LGBTQ+
  • Neurodiverse
  • and more!

If you identify with an underrepresented group, we want to mentor you. 

Our program matches you with other folks in psychology, including current and former undergraduates, grad students, and faculty. We will provide you with a close personal contact with someone who can provide personal advice about their journey in the field, potential career paths, and more.


How to apply

Applications for 2024-2025 are due by 9/15/2014. Applications submitted after that date will be held until the start of the next quarter.

MenteesPUMP Mentee Application

Mentors: PUMP Mentor Application




You are a current UW student who identifies as belonging to an underrepresented group and/or is a new transfer student from another college or university. You are either planning to apply to the psychology major or currently in the major. All years / education levels are welcome.


Mentors are advanced psychology majors (junior or senior), UW alumni (undergrad or grad), graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, researchers, faculty, or any other folks who have a psych degree or two under their belts. 

We are particularly interested in recruiting BA/BS alumni who can advise our current undergrads on career paths that are open to people with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Junior and senior students can participate as both mentors and mentees.


Requirements and time commitment

Mentors and mentees in this program will meet regularly for the duration of the academic year at a mutually arranged time and location. Please sign up only if you are available to commit to a year-long mentoring relationship. 

All undergraduate mentors participating in PUMP may enroll in one credit of Psych 496 (graded C/NC). 


Additional leadership opportunities

Several leadership opportunities within PUMP are available for 2024-2025. Applications for the following positions will be reviewed beginning 6/10/2024:


Frequently asked questions

How does matching work?

In their applications, prospective mentees and mentors will both share some information about themselves and what they are looking for. After the application due date, mentees will be sent a list of mentors and will be asked to rank their top preferences. We will make matches based on these preferences to the best of our ability.

We generally match first- and second-year students with junior and senior student mentors, and junior/senior students with graduate students, alumni, researchers, and faculty mentors.

We will send out a list of matches and add codes for Psych 497 by the end of the first week of Autumn 2024. 

Can I apply after the due date?

Applications are always accepted. We generally match at the start of each regular academic quarter (Autumn, Winter, Spring), so applications submitted now will be held until the start of the next quarter. Please feel welcome to apply.

What resources are available for me in this program?

In addition to a dedicated mentor, you will have access to resources and guidance for establishing your mentoring relationship, career/internship resources, and an online platform for community building.

You will also have opportunities to attend in-person events such as career panels, resume/CV workshops, interview prep, and more.



Please email Dr. Tabitha Kirkland at with any questions about the program.

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