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Student Profiles: Awards & Recognitions

This academic year saw a number of Psychology majors receiving awards and recognitions. Six of these outstanding individuals were featured during our virtual Graduation Celebration on June 13. We wanted to share their accomplishments and continue to celebrate them here.

Savannah Cassis - President's Medalist

Savannah Cassis
Savannah Cassis

"I was amazed every time I stepped foot onto campus that I was lucky enough to study at the University of Washington. I am grateful for the research opportunities, the supportive teachers, the eye-opening classes, and the overall Psychology Department. I am also thankful for the support and help I received from Dr. Chantel Prat, Teddy Haile, and everyone at CCDL while completing my honors project."

     - Savannah Cassis

The President's Medal award celebrates the top student in each undergraduate class. Psychology honors student Savannah Cassis is this year's President's Medalist. Savannah transferred to UW from Tacoma Community College and graduates Summa Cum Laude. Following graduation, she plans to travel to Japan where she will teach English. Please join us in celebrating Savannah as the 2020 President's Medalist!

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End of the Year Milestones... with a Twist

While the past several months have brought new and often unforeseen challenges to the University of Washington community, our students have demonstrated tremendous strength, creativity, and resilience. This year, two of our most cherished traditions moved into the virtual world. Both the Undergraduate Honors Poster Session and the Psychology Graduation Celebration are end of the year milestones that mark our students' transitions from psychology majors to alumni.

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Undergraduate Accomplishments

The Psychology Department is proud of the numerous accomplishments of our undergraduate students. In addition to the achievements of the students profiled in the Awards & Recognitions article, check out some additional highlights from this year here.