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Celebrating our Retiring Faculty

Jaime Diaz   John Miyamoto
Jaime Diaz   John Miyamoto

Please join the Psychology Department in recognizing the distinguished contributions and service of our faculty who have retired during the 2017-2018 academic year. These faculty leave significant legacies in our undergraduate and graduate programs and we wish them well in their retirements. If you would like to send a memory or message of gratitude and congratulations along, they can be sent to the Assistant to the Psychology Chair. Donations in honor of our faculty can be made here.

Professor Jaime Diaz joined the UW Psychology Department in 1978. Jaime’s is a behavioral neuroscientist who studies the impact of brain development on adult behavior. Jaime taught many undergraduate courses including Introduction to Drugs and Behavior, Neural Basis of Behavior, and Neuroanatomy for the Behavioral Scientist and has been the receipent of numerous teaching awards including the Distinguished Teaching Award and the Davida Teller Distinguished Graduate Student Faculty Mentor Award. Jaime is also the author of the textbook "How Drugs Influence Behavior".

Associate Professor John Miyamoto joined the UW Psychology Department in 1984. John is a quantitative psychologist with keen interests in Bayesian statistics and modeling, Mathematical Psychology, Preference & Utility Theory, Cognitive Theories of Deductive & Inductive Inference and Medical Decision Making. John has taught many classes in the department including Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making, and Advances in Quantitative Psychology.

Congratulations on your impactful careers and your retirements, Jaime and John!