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Behind-the-Scenes Series: What Animals Teach Us About Human Potential

David Gire Noah Snyder-Mackler Joe Sisneros
David Gire Noah Snyder-Mackler Joe Sisneros

On March 7, 2018, the Department of Psychology hosted our second Behind-the-Scenes experience to give a small group community members the one-of-a-kind opportunity to get an insider's look at the groundbreaking research being conducted in our faculty's labs.

The evening theme was “What Animals Can Teach Us About Human Potential”, which highlighted three research labs within the department. Alumni and friends of the department visited the labs of Assistant Professor David Gire, Assistant Professor Noah Snyder-Mackler, and Professor Joseph Sisneros. Dr. Gire’s lab tour highlighted his team's current efforts to decipher the octopus mind and understand their cognition in efforts to create the next generation of smart robotics and prosthetics. Dr. Snyder-Mackler’s lab tour highlighted his team's research which addresses questions of why friends matter and how social relationships affect health by altering the cells and microbes that live inside you. Dr. Sisneros’ lab tour highlighted their group’s efforts in understanding how the natural cycling of steroid hormones affect the hearing in a “singing” fish that could provide insights into improving the hearing of older humans. The Behind-the Scenes series continues to be a great avenue to connect psychology research directly to the community.

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