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Ann Culligan, Ph.D.

Associate Teaching Professor

Degree From: University of Washington

Interests: Behavioral neuroscience, motivation, learning, sex & gender




Do I accept and train new psychology graduate students in general?


Neural correlates of motivation for natural reward

Selected Publications

  • A.C. Voorhies and I.L. Bernstein (2006). Induction and expression of salt appetite: Effects on Fos expression in nucleus accumbens. Behavioural Brain Research
  • D.L. Adkins , A.C. Voorhies, and T.A. Jones (2004). Behavioral and neuroplastic effects of focal endothelin-1 induced sensorimotor cortex lesions. Neuroscience, 128
  • A.C. Voorhies and T.A. Jones (2002). The behavioral and dendritic growth effects of focal sensorimotor cortical damage depend on the method of lesion induction. Behavioural Brain Research, 133

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