Priscilla Lui

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Priscilla Lui, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Kincaid 443
Advising: Possibly accepting new graduate students in 2023-2024, please email with questions.
Interests: Minority mental health; addiction; health disparities; diversity science


My research concerns how people from diverse sociocultural backgrounds make sense of the world, and how their lived experiences associated with culture, ethnicity, and race affect their psychopathology and addictive behaviors. Using a social ecological framework, I study intercultural contact (e.g., acculturation, discrimination), close social relationships (e.g., romantic relationship, intergenerational conflict), and intrapersonal characteristics (e.g., personality, cultural orientations) as determinants of psychopathology, such as alcohol (mis)use. I also am interested in measurement development and psychometrics, and metascience (i.e., research about the research process).


Purdue University (2016)

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