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Opening the Center for Human Neuroscience's MRI Scanner

We are excited to announce that the Center for Human Neuroscience (CHN) MRI facility is open for research scans!

Siemens Prisma 3-Tesla MRI scanner

With the fully operational Siemens Prisma 3-Tesla MRI scanner, UW Psychology joins the ranks of departments that provide access to an MRI instrument that is fully compatible with current standards of open collaborative science. The CHN acquired this state-of-the-art MRI scanner with the help of a Major Research Instrumentation grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), in conjunction with substantial financial support from the UW Office of Research, A&S Dean’s Office, UW Psychology, and I-LABS.

UW purchased the scanner in March 2020. It was installed in the basement of the newly renovated Kincaid building in December 2020 and ramped up to full field in March 2021. The scanner is managed as a cost center under the Department of Psychology as part of the new CHN. CHN-MRI is directed by Dr. Geoffrey Boynton and Associate Director, Dr. John Pyles, who came to Seattle from Carnegie Mellon University, where he helped design and run their neuroimaging center.  

CHN-MRI Control Room

The scanner is equipped with all of the hardware and software for conducting advanced structural, diffusion, and functional neuroimaging studies. Peripheral equipment for the MRI includes various response devices, a high resolution display, two audio systems, physiological monitoring, eye tracking, motion monitoring, and a cloud based platform for storing, transferring and processing MRI data. Other critical shared equipment in the CHN includes a mock scanner, EEG, TMS, and psychophysical equipment. 

CHN encourages applications to their Seed Grant Program for faculty and postdoc investigators, and student-led grants supported by the Student Technology Fund to obtain scanning hours for research and pilot data for early-stage unfunded projects. For more information about CHN, please visit or contact John Pyles at