Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Project Info

  • Name: Pediatric ADHD Research - Seattle Children's Research Institute
  • Faculty Advisor: Mark A Stein
  • Department(s): Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Psychosocial and Community Health, Public Health Genetics, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Bioethics & Humanities, Biology, Biostatistics, Communication, Epidemiology, Family and Child Nursing, Family Medicine, Health Metrics Sciences, Health Services Administration, Health Services, Human Centered Design & Engineering, Medical Genetics, Medicinal Chemistry, Medicine, Microbiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Neurobiology - Undergraduate Major, Neurology, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Pediatrics, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Physiology and Biophysics, Quantitative Science (CQS), Social Work, Sociology, Statistics
  • Area(s): Neural Systems and Behavior, Child Clinical, Cognition and Perception, Developmental, Social and Personality, Quantitative Psychology

Contact Info

  • Contact Person: Joanna Yuan
  • Email: joanna.yuan@seattlechildrens.org


Under the direction of Dr. Mark Stein, this lab has 4 ADHD based studies looking for undergraduate support.
1. TPAC –Reducing the need for stimulant medication in young children with ADHD through behavior parent training tools taught to parents.
2. ADHD Gems –Unlocking a non-drug-based approach to help improve ADHD symptoms in children.
3. PRAT – Understanding if certain combinations of genes impact how well an individual responds to ADHD treatment, ultimately taking the guess and check approach out of ADHD treatments.
4.CES1 –Investigating how the gene that codes for CES1 impacts how people will respond to this medicine over time.
Students will have the opportunity to support research study functions, learn data processing and analytic skills, and receive mentorship by Investigators, clinicians, graduate students, and recent undergraduate graduates.
For more info: https://www.seattlechildrens.org/research/centers-programs/child-health-behavior-and-development/labs/stein-lab/

Minimum Requirements

We are looking for individuals who are/have:
• Responsible
• Self-directed
• Comfortable with computers and learning new computer programs
• Some experience with children

This lab is currently only accepting students who are interested in receiving course credit (PSYCH 499, BIOL 399, etc.).

If interested, please complete an online application: https://redcap.link/bad3kai3