Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Project Info

  • Name: Acculturation, Diversity, and Psychopathology Team
  • Faculty Advisor: Priscilla Lui
  • Department(s): Psychology
  • Area(s): Adult Clinical

Contact Info

  • Contact Person: Priscilla Lui
  • Email: pplui@uw.edu


The Acculturation, Diversity, and Psychopathology Team (ADAPT) is moving to UW Psychology! Our research focuses on minority mental health and health disparities. Specifically, we seek to examine the impact of culture, ethnicity, and race on psychopathology and addictive behaviors using diverse methods. (See current website: https://people.smu.edu/adapt/)

We are looking for research-minded, curious, and hard working students to join us for two or more projects. You may be trained to conduct an experimental study using virtual reality, enter and manage data, and learn to conduct literature reviews and metascience.

We particularly welcome students from underrepresented minority backgrounds, students who are interested in the Psychology Honors program, and students who are considering graduate school training.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum GPA 3.5 and completion of Research Methods (PSYCH209) are preferred.