Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Project Info

  • Name: Stress and Coping Project
  • Faculty Advisor: Peter Vitaliano
  • Department(s): Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Area(s): Social and Personality, Behavioral Neuroscience

Contact Info

  • Contact Person: Peter Vitaliano
  • Email: pvital@uw.edu


Review literature on research linking stressors, distress, vulnerabilities (personality, gender, age, ACEs, chronic illnesses) , and resources (social supports, coping, income).
Use a theoretical model of stress, (E x V)/R) to predict D (distress) and HB (health behaviors) that, in turn, will predict
Physiological Disregulation (SNS, cardiovascular, immune, metabolic) and, long term illness.

We are currently working on several projects.
1. Kincare Grandmothers who are People of Color, 2. Transgender Health in response to psychological distress and health care, 3. Meta Review of Population Studies of Caregiver Health and their limitations.

Minimum Requirements

Intro to Psychology, Basic Statistics
Bonus for students who have taken class in Measurement and/or Stress and Coping